Tuesday, 4 October 2011

MAC Lipsticks - Rebel and Cyber

I thought I'd take some time to review my two favourite lipsticks from MAC - Rebel and Cyber. Rebel is probably my most used lipstick, and I always turn to Cyber when I want something dark, dramatic and vampy. MAC lipsticks cost £13.50 each.

Starting with Rebel...

Rebel is a deep pink berry colour. It isn't too dark, but at the same time it isn't too light either. I find that this works for both everyday looks along with dramatic night time looks. It has a very slight shimmer - it appears more shimmery then it really is in my swatch photo at the bottom. It has a satin finish and isn't drying on the lips. It is super pigmented and applies really easily. It might be my favourite lipstick in my collection - it's so versatile and lovely.

Cyber on the other hand is a deep dark purple. It has a satin finish and I don't find it to be particularly drying either. It is a little more glossy then Rebel, but blotting tends to remove most the shine. Cyber is excellent if you're going for the perfect vampy lip.  It doesn't apply as well as Rebel, I find it quite difficult to get an even finish. I love it all the same. I use it in combination with the Velvetella cremestick liner. It appears darker (almost black) in the tube but is a dark shade of purple on the lips.

I love the way that MAC lipsticks feel on the lips. They aren't too heavy and fade gradually - I find that Rebel in particular leaves a nice pink tint on my lips. I can usually wear these a good 5 hours or more before they start to fade. I was super impressed with Cyber after wearing it to a concert whilst drinking and eating and finding that it had barely changed by the end of the night.

I love these lipsticks. Of course, I only ever buy MAC as a treat when I can afford it - they aren't really super affordable on a student budget. However, I really do think that the lipsticks are worth the cost.

What's your favourite MAC lipstick?

Disclosure: I bought these products myself.

Random note: Not sure if anybody can actually help me with this, but I currently have a FujiFilm JV100 and for some reason all my pictures are turning out either off colour or blurred. I also can't get it to auto-focus (is this the right word? I am so not tech-savvy). I have to hold it really still for a good few seconds to get an image that isn't blurred. I've been playing with the settings but it isn't making any difference. Does anybody have any advice, or know of another affordable but good quality camera?


  1. Both those colors are beautiful but I really love Cyber. They both look really good against your complexion.

  2. I love Cyber too, it's really different. I love wearing dark purple lipsticks. :)

  3. i am curently loving 'up the amp' and 'dare you' and 'lovelorn' from mac. but i've also discovered mark. products, and i've loving their lipclicks so far. plus, they are a bit cheaper than mac :)

    You're Invited: fall in love with mark.

  4. Rebel's one of my favourite MAC lippies! Cyber looks gorgeous too, might have to pick it up!

  5. I just discovered your blog while searching for a comparisson of these two lipsticks, thanks for the post, they are both on my wish list now haha


    1. Glad I could help! This is a very old post though, there's a new swatch of Cyber on this post: http://nocturnal-beauty.blogspot.co.uk/2012/10/my-favourite-autumn-lipsticks.html I keep wondering whether or not I should re-do this post or not because it was with my old camera!


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