Sunday, 2 October 2011

MUA Trio Eyeshadow in Passion

After trying out the MUA lipstick, I decided that I was going to go and give the eyeshadows a try. I was tempted by the palettes, but I was a little more tempted by the eyeshadow trio.

 According to MUA:

'A trio of highly pigmented shadows that compliment eyes with subtle shimmer effect designed to last for hours. Wear each shade alone or blend shades together to create your own look. Available in 7 shades.'

Isn't it pretty? It costs £2.50 for three eyeshadows. In terms of value, that equals around about 83 pence per eyeshadow! Very, very affordable.

All three colours are super shimmery. I don't really wear shimmery eyeshadows as I prefer matte ones, but these are really nice. The trio consists of two shades of purple and a cream/white colour. The packaging is nice too, it has a little button to open to the lid and even though I use my own brushes, I like the little holder for the applicator.

Without flash

They aren't super pigmented, you have to work to build up the colour and I found them a little difficult to pick up with my brush. I've worn these both today and yesterday, and even on my incredibly oily eyelids and in this hot weather we are having at the moment they lasted a good two hours. Most eyeshadows only last a few hours on me, regardless of the weather so I'm really pleased with the wear I got out of them. I'm sure that they'll last much longer on people whose eyelids aren't as oily. I really wasn't expecting them to withstand the heat.

Overall I'm still very impressed with MUA. The colours are really pretty. I might try the matte shadows next!

Have you tried any of the eyeshadows? What did you think?

Disclosure: I purchased these products myself.


  1. I love how they put 3 complimentary colours in each trio so you can create a whole look from just one item. This is one of my fav of the trios- you should post a face of the day look with them on :) xx

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  2. The trios would be great for travelling.

    I'm still battling with my camera, at the moment all of my FOTD shots are coming out blurred. :( Pretty sure it's on the wrong setting somewhere, I'm going to go through all the info that came with it tonight so I should be able to do that sort of thing very soon. :D


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