Sunday, 30 October 2011

Stargazer White Pressed Powder

When I needed a pure white powder for a fancy dress party a few months ago, I knew exactly where to find one. I first started using Stargazer when I was about eleven or so. I bet I still have some of their lipsticks and nail polishes around somewhere. They're perfect for a unique look, and the prices are very, very cheap.

I bought this powder at a local alternative store. It's also available on their website. According to the website it costs £4, but I'm sure I paid at least £5 for it. Unfortunately I lost the receipt so I can't say for sure. It's cheap either way, perfect if you're only using it for fancy dress purposes and you don't want to spend too much money on make-up.

The packaging is very simple. It's a round plastic black case with a built-in mirror. The powder comes with a little powder puff (which I've somehow managed to lose), but I use my ELF Studio Powder Brush to apply it because I think it applies much more evenly. I have had to move it away from my other powders as because of the round casing I picked it up one morning thinking it was my MAC Studio Fix powder and ended up with a white streak down my face. Not a great mistake to make!

I'd recommend moisturising well before applying the powder, as it will accentuate dry areas. If you have really dry skin, this powder is not for you.

I found that I had to really build up the colour with my brush for it to show as being pure white. The coverage is good, but it can feel quite heavy. If applied correctly I think that it gives quite a natural looking finish. Well, as natural as you can look with a pure white powder anyway!

I can't really say that I noticed the powder fading until right at the end of the night, but I can't say if this is the powder itself or whether or not it's due to my already pale skin colour. I'd still recommend taking it out with you to touch it up throughout the night.

Overall I think that for the price this powder is excellent, perfect for paling down your skin or for a fancy dress costume.

Are you dressing up for Halloween? I'll probably be baking cakes and watching Tim Burton movies.

Disclosure: I bought this product myself.


  1. I'm super pale anyway, so it really is pure white! Really good for fancy dress. :)

  2. awesome. I used white face paint in the end for my halloween zombie look, i was wishing i had a white powder - i had to powder with white eyeshadow! haha

  3. It's a really handy thing to have. I never would have even thought about using eyeshadow actually!

  4. Wow, this brings back memories! I used to use this all the time when I was newbie-goth years ago. I got through at least 3 of them. In fact, I think I still have one lurking somewhere about.

    1. I have so much Stargazer lurking around. I found one of their chrome nail polishes in my wardrobe last week that looks like it has been through a firing range. I loved Stargazer in my early teens! x


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