Sunday, 23 October 2011

Vivo Cosmetics Review

I thought I'd quickly review all the Vivo things that I was given at the TOWIB event. I haven't had chance to really wear the eyelashes as of yet, so I'll be reviewing those at some point in the future once I've played with them a bit. Vivo are a new affordable cosmetics brand that recently launched into Tesco stores.

Highlighter, Lipstick in Very Berry, Eyeshadows in Black Sparkle and Purple Passion

Starting with the lipstick in Very Berry...

I feel like I've been looking for a natural looking lipstick forever. Nothing seems to suit my lips; lipsticks are either too pink or too orange. This, however, is perfect. It's a shimmery soft pink shade. The packaging isn't anything too exciting, it's very simple.

It applies quite sheer, which I personally like for a natural looking lipstick. I found it quite long lasting; it survived through lunch today and left a nice pink tint on my lips by the time I arrived home. In total I'd say that it lasted around about 3-4 hours. I'd recommend taking it out with you for touch ups. It also has quite a lovely smell, which I wasn't expecting. It was also quite creamy and moisturising. Overall I think it's a very nice lipstick. I'd definitely look into buying some more shades.


Eyeshadows in Black Sparkle and Purple Passion

(L-R) Black Sparkle and Purple Passion

Black Sparkle seems to be more of a dark sparkly grey, and Purple Passion is a light purple/lilac colour. Black Sparkle is definitely the most pigmented out of the two. You will have to build up Purple Passion. They're both lovely colours that I can see me using all the time, especially Black Sparkle since I own tons of matte blacks, but nothing sparkly. I didn't seem to get a lot of fall out with these shadows either, which is fantastic for the darker shades like Black Sparkle. I'm really impressed with these.

The Highlighter

The Highlighter. It was very, very hard to photograph as you will be able to tell in my swatch below. It costs £5. You can wear it alone to highlight the cheeks and under the brow bone or you can mix it with your foundation to create a dewy finish. You get 50ml of product. I think it may just last forever. When taking the swatch pictures, I managed to squirt an insane amount all over my arms, as you can see. So be careful with how much pressure you apply to the tube. My arm was glowing! It's a little bit more expensive than the other Vivo products, but for the amount you get it's absolutely worth it.

Overall I'm really impressed with Vivo! They quality is really good for the price. I think the lipstick was my favourite product out of the bunch. Have you tried anything from Vivo? What did you think?

Disclosure: I was given these products free of charge at the TOWIB event.


  1. I'll have to look out for this range in store, buying cosmetics/clothes from the supermarket never feels quite so naughty or indulgent as it's thrown in with the bread and milk!x

  2. That's so true, haha! Unfortunately I haven't been able to find it my local Tesco :(

  3. Ooh these sound so lovely. I recently won a #vivobbloggers competition and have some goodies on the way. I've never tried them before but after reading this i am excited to see how good they are !xx

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