Sunday, 13 November 2011

Another Vivo Review! Lipsticks, Blusher and Bronzer.

I made a trip to my local (I say local, it's still a good 15 minute drive away) Tesco the other day and picked up some more Vivo stuff! I bought two lipsticks in Barely There and Crushed Amethyst, the bronzer in Healthy Glow and the blusher in Rosy. I also picked up the eyeshadow trio in Innocence which I'll review separately (hopefully this week) once I've had time to really test it out.

Blush in Rosy and Bronzer in Healthy Glow

Baked makeup is so gorgeous, I love it. I've also never really owned a bronzer or blusher as I tend to really like the porcelain look. I'm not used to seeing me with colour! I'm reviewing these products together as tend to use them with each other as opposed to separately.

The blush costs £4 and the bronzer costs £5, so it's still on the cheaper end of the spectrum. The packaging is nice and simple.

I was more than a little bit concerned about Rosy being far too pink for me, but it's a really nice light buildable colour. Perfect if you only want a light coat of colour. When building it up to a stronger colour it doesn't cake. 

Similarly, the bronzer also gives a light coating of colour, perfect for a subtle (but buildable) glow. Actually, I think I use it more as a highlighter. It gives a very natural finish, perfect if you're like me and you're still very wary about putting too much colour on your cheeks.

Lipsticks in Barely There and Crushed Amethyst

There isn't really much that I can say about these lipsticks that I didn't mention in my Very Berry review. I wear Very Berry so frequently that I decided to pick up two more. I chose the shades Barely There and Crushed Amethyst. They cost £1.99.

Barely There was named perfectly. It's a nice nude shade. Crushed Amethyst is a pretty light pink shade.

There only other thing that I picked up on when using these lipsticks that I didn't notice with Very Berry is that these lipsticks have quite an odd smell. I can't decide if I like it or not, but it's very subtle.

Crushed Amethyst is a bit of a brighter pink then it shows in the lip swatches. I'm still battling with my camera.

Crushed Amethyst

Barely There

I swatched them along with Very Berry for comparison purposes.

Crushed Amethyst, Barely There and Very Berry

All three of the Vivo lipsticks I own are very natural, wearable shades. Personally I'd like to see some darker more dramatic shades from Vivo!

Fortunately I'm still yet to be disappointed by Vivo! My mum has already decided that she's going to buy as much of it as possible because she thinks they'll be good Christmas presents, so if Nottingham sells out of Vivo soon, you know why.

What you tried from Vivo? What did you think?

Disclosure: I bought these products myself.


  1. I have a few vivo bits and love them all, will definitely pick up more next time I'm in the UK xxx

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  2. Ahh the total opposite of me, I go for all our orange with my bronzer, must look like I'm straight out of TOWIE!! I've not tried anything from the range yet but will definitely give it a look next time I'm in a big Tesco :) x


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