Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Vivo Eyeshadow Trio in Sugar Plum

Finally managed to work my way through all my new Vivo stuff! This is the eyeshadow trio in Sugar Plum. It has two purple shades a light pink. Perfect colours for me. ;)

For some reason, my head wants to call this palette Innocence even though I know it isn't called if I call it that by accident you know what I mean!

This palette costs £2.50, so it's definitely affordable. The packaging is nice, simple and sleek. It doesn't look cheap. It contains one of those little sponge applicators, and it has a narrow mirror in the lid. There's also a little step by step guide on the back, which is a really nice addition.

It features two matte shades and a shimmer shade. The light pink blends into my skin tone so you can't really see it on the swatch photos.

The two purples are so gorgeous, and nicely pigmented. I'm not usually a fan of shimmer shades, but I like these as they don't make my eyelids look really oily. I didn't experience a significant amount of fall out with these either, which is always good! They blend easily.

These eyeshadows lasted about 5 hours on me before they faded, which is a pretty good result considering that most eyeshadows fade within a couple of hours on me.

Of all the Vivo products I've used, I think I was expecting to be disappointed by these as I've had bad experiences previously with cheaper eyeshadows. I'm wondering how long this can go on for before I find something that I don't like!

What have your experiences been with cheaper shadows? Any surprising ones? 


  1. That is a really beautiful palette! Hope to find their stuff around here some day.
    I love finding great, cheap makeup - some surprises are NYX (awesome!) and Jane has some nice stuff too. :)

  2. I almost bought some NYX stuff from TKMaxx the other day, I have one of their jumbo pencils but I haven't tried anything else. I wish NYX was easier to get hold of here. :(


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