Thursday, 5 January 2012

Fashionista Eyeshadows in Black Out, Embellished, Flamboyant and Noble Purple

Some of you may remember when I reviewed the Fashionista Custom Palette I said that I would soon be filling it with lots of purples...and I have. I bought Black Out, Embellished, Flamboyant and Noble Purple. If you bought a 4th eyeshadow you got a new palette free. Much better then having individual shadows all over the place!

I won't be fully reviewing the shadows and the palette since I reviewed them in this post. All is pretty much the same, the shadows are large, nicely pigmented but still require you to build up the colour. Also has the same lovely silky texture.

(L-R) Embellished, Black Out, Noble Purple, Flamboyant

Aren't they pretty? I love having colours that I love in one quick and easy palette, especially since I'm beginning to run out of room to store things at the moment! The shadows themselves cost £4 individually, and the palette costs £5. With the offer I managed to get all four shadows and the palette for £12, bargain!

What colours do you find you reach for the most? Have you tried any of the shadows from Fashionista yet?

Disclosure: I bought all of these products myself.

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