Tuesday, 14 February 2012

MUA Out There Plumping Lip Gloss

I love wearing lipgloss on days where I'm wearing minimal make-up and lipstick isn't quite appropriate. MUA's Out There plumping lip gloss costs £2 and can be bought from Superdrug, making them £7 cheaper than the Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker, which I've heard lots about. This is the first lip plumper I have ever used, as I was a little wary of them to begin with, as whenever I have an allergic reaction to something my lips always swell up and it has never exactly been a pleasant experience! The gloss comes in 7 shades. I have Nude, Shocking Pink, Candy Pink and Pink Sugar.

Now, I've never used a lip plumper. It feels more than a little bizarre. It has a tingling, burning sensation, that wears off after awhile but is quite annoying while it lasts. As I've never tried any other plumpers I can't say if this effect is better/worse/the same as other plumpers.  I can't say that my lips looked at all plumper while wearing the gloss.

I have the shades Nude, Pink Sugar, Candy Pink and Shocking Pink.

The glosses are well pigmented and non-sticky, and have a smooth finish. The colours are buildable. They have a doe-foot applicator.

These glosses lasted on me until I ate/drank, but without eating or drinking they lasted a considerable time on my lips (especially for a gloss). I'd say that it had been around three hours before it started to wear.

Nude is definitely my favourite colour so far. The rest are a little too pink for me, but Nude is perfect for an everyday minimal make-up look.


Candy Pink
Pink Sugar

Shocking Pink
(L-R) Nude, Candy Pink, Pink Sugar, Shocking Pink

Overall, I think these lip glosses are great for the price, if you can stand the stinging effect. If you're into highly pigmented pink gloss then these are definitely for you! I don't feel that they made my lips plumper, but to be quite honest I don't think I'd have liked it if they had.

Have you ever tried a lip plumper? What did you think?

Disclaimer: These were given to me by a friend. 


  1. I love MUA and these look great. I've not tried them yet but I think I might. I had a lip plumper a few years ago but I lost it so I definitely need a replacement!


    1. I don't think they plumped my lips at all but as coloured gloss they are lovely! Especially for £2! x


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