Thursday, 9 February 2012

Sleek Brow Kit

For me, a make-up look isn't complete without nicely groomed brows. Previously I had been using two dark coloured eyeshadows blended together to fill in my brows in the morning, and I usually get my brows tinted black to match my dyed hair (I'm naturally strawberry blonde, believe it or not!) When Sleek first bought out this handy little kit, I was massively interested, having not tried either the ELF kit or the Benefit one.

As always with Sleek, the product comes in sturdy black plastic casing, with a built in square mirror (you know I love square mirrors). The kit contains pigmented wax to fill in the brows and a setting powder. It also contains two little brushes and tweezers. 

I fill in my brows every morning with this handy little kit, and I don't need to touch up or reapply at all during the day. The brushes aren't unusable but I prefer to use my long handled brush. Personally, I found the tweezers to be far too small and difficult to use, so I threw them away. 

We had a bit of hassle trying to get hold of the kit in dark. My mum had ordered it on the internet for me as a Christmas present, but when it got here, they'd sent the light kit (even thought the invoice said dark). Luckily she liked the light one and kept it for herself, I picked up a dark one in Superdrug. To be fair it's to be expected around Christmas time, but it means I can swatch the kit in both light and dark for you to see:

I'm well aware that these swatches are terrible. My camera ran out of batteries and I had to use my old one, which wouldn't focus. I will edit this post and put a better shot in at some point next week. 

Both the wax and the powder are very well pigmented, and the powder has a nice velvety texture, and fills in any sparse areas. 

Overall I love this little kit. Perfect for travelling too. I would like the shade to be a bit darker, but it works. It's also at the cheaper end of the price scale. You can purchase the Sleek brow kit for £7.99 on their website or at Superdrug stores. 


  1. Thats a great price for a brow kit x

    1. It is a great price, I love finding good affordable make up. x


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