Friday, 9 March 2012

MUA & Love Hearts Lip Balm in Sugar Lips, Hot Lips and Kiss Me

I feel like I've been waiting to try these lip balms for absolutely ages. Love Hearts were one my favourite sweets when I was younger (honestly, it's a wonder I have any teeth left) and I love lip balms, so it's a perfect combination for me! I'm not much of a fan of pastels so I haven't purchased any of the nail polishes as of yet.

I couldn't quite decide which ones I wanted to get, so I ended up with Sugar Lips, Hot Lips and Kiss Me. Sugar Lips is a light pink, Kiss Me is a bright orange toned red, and Hot Lips is a pinky red. 

The balms come in round Love Hearts packaging, which is really cute. I prefer sticks to pots as they're less messy and more hygienic, but at £2 I can't really complain! You get 10g of product too, so these will last me absolutely ages. 

These balms aren't super moisturising, however I use these in the morning after my Lush lip scrub and it leaves my lips soft for the rest of the day. They have a lovely vanilla scent, which is one of my favourite scents. They are tasteless.

Sugar Lips, Kiss Me, Hot Lips

Hot Lips
Kiss Me
Sugar Lips

They aren't super pigmented, but they add a nice touch of colour to your lips. I've been wearing them almost everyday this week for uni, I love them, and they're especially good over lipsticks that can be especially drying. 

These balms seem to be a cross between a balm and a gloss. They remind me of the Sleek Pout Polishes, which I also really like. The MUA lip balms are cheaper, costing £2 compared with the Sleek £4.20. 

Have you tried any of the new products from the MUA and Love Hearts collaboration? What's your favourite lip balm?

Disclosure: I bought these products myself.


  1. glad you finally got them :D great review xx

  2. It's a shame they don't taste like Love Hearts too - that would have been amazing haha xoxo

    1. That really would have been amazing, but I think I'd definitely go through them a lot faster, haha! x

  3. I really need to try these !! x

    Now following your blog :)

    I have a giveaway at 100 followers :) xx

  4. Iv been eyeing these up for a a sucker for amazing packaging...and these are so eye catching......and at £2 you cant go wrong really!!x

    1. So I am, I'm the kind of person that keeps everything in its original packaging just because it's pretty. £2 really is such a great price!


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