Thursday, 12 April 2012

My Week 08/04/2012

This week has been a strange one! I don't usually do updates like this since I spend the majority of my time either at uni or at home doing uni work, which isn't particularly interesting. The start of this week was still my Easter Break, and I went back to uni today, in the middle of the week, which I definitely wasn't quite prepared for! Here's some pictures of what I did...

Chocolate mice! I made these with moulds from this Ebay seller, to give to people for Easter. Technically bunnies would have been a bit more appropriate, but I thought they were cute.

On the Sunday I travelled down to Hertfordshire to stay with my aunt, saw my other aunt on Monday and went bowling. On the Tuesday I took the train to London to go to Camden.

After Camden, we went to the Imperial War Museum. I didn't take many pictures of that since I'm not overly interested in history (we went there for my Dad). It was a little depressing if anything!

And this is what happened as soon as we were about to go find something to eat...

We had to take cover in a local pub. Need to remember to pack my umbrella next time!

This week has been a bit more interesting than normal. London was okay, but it's probably the last time I'm going with my family, since two of them ruined the whole trip for me by being extremely grumpy and sulky all day. I think I would have enjoyed it a lot more if I had gone on my own! Bit annoying as I was looking forward to going and even the weather was lovely when we were in Camden. 

Did you all have a nice Easter? Did you do anything interesting? 


  1. We shall go together at some point :D would be great! I know what you mean about the museum, we went with lawrences mum to the museum of broken relationships, so depressing, why would anyone want to look at that!

    1. We should! :D We have a huge break in the Summer so it will give us something to do. :) Broken relationships sounds very depressing! I would've been good if you were into history, but by that point I was too tired from wandering around Camden to be interested! x


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