Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Question Wednesday: Eyes

When this popped up in my reading list from My Mane Blog I decided that it'd be a quick fun thing to do to break up my day of coursework assignments and journal reading, even if it isn't quite Wednesday! I won't really have much time to blog over the next few weeks because of deadlines and exams.

1. What colour are your eyes and if you could choose what colour they were, what would that be?

My eyes are brown. I actually like my eye colour, I can't really imagine having anything else!

2. Bold eyeliner, light eyeliner, or no eyeliner?

Depends on what I'm doing/where I'm going. On an average uni day I line my waterline and leave it like that.

3. What is your go to eye look?

Also depends! I normally go for something as quick as possible in the morning. I've been wearing lots of browns and golds recently as I think they're more suitable for uni, but I love my purples when I want something a little more interesting.

4. What brand makes your favourite eyeshadows?

Either MAC or Urban Decay. I also love my Sleek palettes.

5. What are your must have eye products?

From Urban Decay my Primer Potion and eye pencil in Perversion, and my Ecotools eye brushes.

If anybody else wants to have a go at this, the questions are here.


  1. I want to try those sleek palettes! I hear so many great things about them!! I just don't want to wait the long time it takes for them to ship it to the US. Blah. I already hate waiting for things in the mail! lol. One day though.

    I really love a purple eyeshadow look!

    xox, nykki

    1. You should, they're great. I imagine that it's expensive to ship them to the US though. I hate waiting for things in the mail too, I'm too impatient! x

  2. I might have a go at this :) thanks for the idea! Love your blog, I'm following now :) Feel free to check out mine!

    Laura x
    Petit Chatons

    1. It's a fun quick thing to do. :) Thank you for the follow, I'll check out your blog now. :) x


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