Tuesday, 29 May 2012

My Festival Kit

Since I'm an avid festival goer I thought it might be useful to some of you for me to show you what I usually pack in my bag when I'm heading off for the weekend since festival season is upon us once again. I constantly see magazine articles aimed at 'what to take to festivals' that have obviously been written by somebody that has never been to festival which are always very amusing, but not very realistic. So I thought a little post on what I take and what I find useful might be handy for those of you that are planning to go to a festival for the first time.

I see so many people take lots of irrelevant things to festivals. You need the bare minimum, you will have to cart it back home with you. If you can leave things behind, even better. You have to get everything into one bag, food, sleeping bag, bed roll (if you're taking one), clothes and so on. I'm only covering the cosmetic side of things. It would take me absolutely to cover everything else!

1. Foundation. I usually don't bother packing my concealer with me. Very few people look good in festival conditions anyway, so I don't think it's really necessary unless you are really self concious about your skin. Luckily my foundation is really high coverage so I can skip concealer pretty easily, but my skin is too crazy for me to skin foundation entirely.

2. Eyeshadow. I only take one or two shadows. MAC's Carbon is usually in my bag. A friend of mine brought her Naked palette to Sonisphere! I definitely wouldn't recommend taking something super expensive (or large) to festivals. I'd be too worried about it getting damaged. If you want to take several shadows something like Fashionista's Custom Palette would be very useful as you wouldn't need to pack a mirror, and they're cheap.

3. Batiste dry shampoo. I can't say just how useful this is. If you are planning to take just one beauty item to festivals, this is it. It's a life saver. It also comes in a travel size can. Hair is always a tricky one, I put my dreadlocks in (you can read my post about that here) but I'd recommend taking a couple of bandanna's, or plaiting your hair.

4. Baby wipes. If I could only take one item with me, it would be this. They are essential. Never go anywhere near a festival without them.

5. Eyeliner. I just take a basic black eyeliner. At Sonisphere I took one by Sleek. It's cheap so I wouldn't be too upset if I lost it.

6. Brushes? I only take one brush to apply my eyeshadow, I apply my foundation with my fingers in these circumstances.

7. Perfume I like to take those mini ones that you get in things like Christmas sets. Body spray (in those miniature cans) is always a good idea too.

8. Lip balm. I don't always bother with lipstick at festivals, but taking a lip balm is a good idea.

There's a good chance that I've forgotten a million things that I will remember as soon as I publish this post, but hopefully this is somewhat helpful. I try and take as few things as possible. If you have waterproof products I'd recommend you take those.

Are you heading to any festivals this year? I've booked to go to Download for the day on the Sunday. Camping was just too expensive this year!

Disclosure: All the products featured in this post I bought myself, except the perfume which was given to me by my sister.


  1. This is a great post, really useful! Your very good at packing light haha :) Really want to try that Illamasqua foundation too :)

    1. Thank you! Haha, once you realise all the stuff that you have into one bag you have to force yourself to! :P The Illamasqua foundation is the rich liquid one, it's great. It seems expensive but I've been using it over a year now and I've barely used any! x

  2. Perfect festival kit - I love the Illamasqua skin base foundation!

    1. I haven't tried skin base, I love the rich liquid one though! x


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