Sunday, 6 May 2012

My MAC Eyeshadows - Beauty Marked, Parfait Amour, Mystical Mist, Carbon & Copperplate

I've been seeing a lot of collection posts recently, so I thought I'd join in and post my collection of MAC shadows! So far I have Mystical Mist (which was limited edition and no longer avaliable), Parfait Amour, Beauty Marked, Copperplate and Carbon.

(L-R) Carbon, Copperplate, Mystical Mist, Parfait Amour, Beauty Marked. The fact they're not lined up straight is going to irritate me forever. 

Beauty Marked looks absolutely gorgeous in the pan, but the loveliness doesn't quite transfer onto the lid. I find that if I brush it on the glitter falls off, so I dab it with my brush instead to preserve some glitter. It's a deep blackened red. The pigmentation isn't great, and as you can see, I really struggled to even swatch it.

Carbon is just a nice black. I get through quite a bit of black shadow so there's quite a dent in this already. It's very well pigmented and long lasting.

Parfait Amour is a light purple/lilac. The pigmentation isn't great, you have to work to build up the colour. But aside from that it is really pretty on the lids.

Mystical Mist was a limited edition shade. It's a lovely dark purple with  blue undertones. Really lovely, wish it was made permanent!

Copperplate is one of those shadows that doesn't look amazing in the pan but is gorgeous on the lids. It's a grey/brown shade. Really smooth to apply and very pigmented. Beautiful.

At the moment I'd love to pick up both Nocturnelle and Shadowy Lady. They look gorgeous! So far my experience with MAC shadows has been varied. Some of them are amazing, and some of them aren't so great. My favourite is most likely Mystical Mist. The shadows cost £12.00 from the MAC website.

How many MAC shadows do you have? What has been your experience with them?

Disclosure: I bought all of these products myself.


  1. copperplate looks gorgeous :D

    1. It's really nice, looks a bit dull in the pan but it's so beautiful when it's swatched/on the lid.

  2. Beauty Marked and Carbon are definitely two of my all time favourite MAC shades.

    Great post! Keep collecting!

    Sharleena xx

    1. Carbon is definitely the one that has the biggest dent in it in my collection! x

  3. Beauty Marked looks beautiful in the pot, too bad it doesn't transfer to the eyelid as nice. Great post!

    1. Thanks! I was disappointed when I first tried out Beauty Marked, it's such an amazing colour in the pan. x


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