Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Soap and Glory Girligo Body Moisturising Mist

This post has been at the bottom of my draft posts folder for so long that I completely very nearly forgot about it. I been using this product for several months now, so it's about time that I finally got round to reviewing it! I've always loved Soap and Glory products (I have five tubes of Hand Food at the moment, and absolutely no idea how I ended up them), but this was one of those products that I always overlooked, mainly because I loved the Righteous Butter so I never really looked at trying anything else.

Girligo Body Moisturising Mist comes in a little spray bottle. As always with Soap and Glory, the packaging is very girly and lovely.

The first thing that I noticed about this product was the smell. It smells divine. It's very girly. I actually wouldn't mind having this in perfume format, it's very nice. 

I am quite picky when it comes to moisturisers. My legs for example aren't particularly dry, so a lot of body moisturisers are too heavy for me. I do get dry patches every now and then, so I normally use the Righteous Butter to try and sort them out, but for the rest of  the time I usually don't bother. This moisturiser is by no means super moisturising, but for me that's why I like it. Most of the time I don't require a heavy moisturiser, just something soften my legs a little bit and this does just that. It makes my legs feel lovely and smooth. It's very lightweight, and doesn't feel greasy. 

My favourite part about this product is that it's so convenient. If you're running low on time but still want to moisturise, this is great because it dries quickly and application is very fast and easy. It's also very light and compact. You really don't need a lot of it either, so I can see it lasting a long time.

I really love this product, I'm all for quick and easy to use products. When I have more time available I still reach for the Righteous Butter, but when I'm running short this is fantastic.

This product costs £6.50 and can be purchased from the Soap and Glory website or from Boots.

Have you tried any of the Soap and Glory Moisturisers? What did you think?

Disclosure: I bought this product myself.

Monday, 25 June 2012

Vivo Smoky Moods Eye Kits

It's been a long time since I reviewed any Vivo products! I'd seen the Smoky Moods Kits in Tesco before, but when I was in there last week I noticed that they were on offer for £3 each instead of the usual £4, and since I couldn't choose between them I ended up with both Midnight Smoke and Daytime Smoke. You get three shadows and a black liquid liner in these palettes. 

The packaging is nice and simple, and doesn't feel cheap. It's nice and compact. These also have cute little guides on the back, which is a really cute addition. I really like the little slot for the eyeliner. It would be excellent for travelling. It also comes with a sponge applicator. The shadows are 3.6g each and the liquid liner 2.5ml.

Daytime Smoke is perfect for everyday, and contains two brown shadows and a cream shadow which is recommended as a highlight shade, but I prefer matte shades to highlight. The cream is the least pigmented out of the three, but the other two shades really make up for it. The middle shade in particular is beautiful.

Midnight Smoke is the most dramatic out of the two palettes, and contains a silver, dark purple and a super sparkly blue. All three shadows are nicely pigmented. I was really lacking a good silver eyeshadow until I bought this palette. All three of shadows are really pretty. I really love the purple!

However, you do get a lot of glittery fallout with these. I'd definitely recommend applying your foundation afterwards as it can be quite messy. They are very soft and easy to blend. I'd say that they lasted around 5 hours or so on me without a primer before they began to fade, which on my oily eyelids is excellent.

The eyeliner that comes with these kits is a nice black. It's very difficult to remove. The day I bought these kits I swatched it on my hand and it survived the shower. It took a lot of rubbing with make up wipes to remove it! It's very long lasting. This was only aspect of the kit that I was expecting to be a little disappointed with, but it's a really good little eyeliner!

Overall I love these kits. The fallout means that they take a little more work, but the colours are beautiful. These would be great for travelling, I'm definitely packing them when I go to Spain next month! They usually cost £4.00 so they're very affordable too.

These kits cost £4.00 and are available from Tesco or the Vivo website.

Disclaimer: I bought these products myself.

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Fade Out White Protecting Day Cream

On some people, freckles are beautiful. But on me, unfortunately, this is not the case. In summer, I end up with a growing number of freckles across my nose and on my cheeks. I'd much prefer to wear a lighter foundation in the summer, but because of my freckles I still reach for my thick, high coverage ones. I recently discovered Fade Out's creams through Youtube, and I made a trip to boots to pick up the day cream.

According to Fade Out, this product aims to improve the overall appearance of the skin, reducing darkened areas such as freckles, promoting an even skintone and also has SPF15 to protect your skin from the sun. As I'm only 19 I won't be able to comment on the anti-ageing effects of this product. This cream works by inhibiting melanin transfer to the upper layers of the skin, reducing pigment. 

This product applies invisible, it doesn't feel heavy on the skin and soaked in really quickly. The cream itself is quite thick, you only need a tiny amount. It will take me absolutely ages to get through a whole pot! I can't say that I particularly like the way that it's scented, it's an odd floral scent. One of my biggest worries with this product was that it would make me oily, and would in turn break me out. Fortunately, it didn't.  If anything, I think it helped control my oiliness. After applying this, my skin feels lovely and soft.

I didn't notice any results in the first week of use, but after around two weeks I was much happier with my skin. My freckles on my face were definitely fading (to the point where other people noticed that they were no longer as apparent), my skintone was brighter and more even. I didn't notice any effects on my darker freckles on my arms and legs, however.

Unfortunately, half way through this test I managed to get sunburn on my face, which brought back all my freckles to an even worse degree. This cream didn't prevent them from appearing, but I would definitely say that it helped reduce them faster. Normally it takes forever for my freckles to go down after sunburn, but it's been a couple of weeks now and they're now back to normal (if not a bit lighter).

Overall I've been really pleased with this cream. If it wasn't for my sunburn, I think I would've seen further improvement on my freckles. After the two week mark I was actually happy to look in the mirror without any foundation - my skin has definitely improved since I've been using this. I would also consider buying the Night Cream, but at the moment I've been happy with the results of this without needing anything extra.

There's a good chance that I'll do an update post once I've been using this cream for a few months if I notice any long term effects.

Fade Out's White Protecting Day Cream costs £9.18 and can be purchased from Boots.

Disclosure: I bought this product myself. 

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Schwarzkopf Live Colour XXL in Violet Berry Burst

I've never really truly looked into the whole foam hair dye business. Mainly because I'd automatically assumed that it would be messy, and I'm very stuck in my ways when it comes to hair colour. However, when I was wandering around in Tesco in search of a new dye, I came across this, and as soon as I saw the colour on the picture (I'm well aware that it never turns out like that, but I'm easily persuaded by these things) I just had to try it. It's in the 499 Violet Berry Burst shade.

The packaging is interesting, it reminds me of iced coffee cups (you can tell what I do in my uni breaks). It contains a sachet of conditioner, developer lotion, colour powder, gloves and an instruction leaflet with extremely small text.

You pour the developer lotion into the empty tub, along with the colour powder, and put the lid back on. It's then recommended that it is shook 40 times, which is a little strange. I'm used to 'shake vigorously' so having to count seemed odd, I normally just shake colours for as much as possible for a few minutes.

The most surprising aspect of this product for me was the smell. It smells gorgeous! Very fruity. It certainly makes a nice change from the usual chemical smells. After shaking, you remove the lid (put the gloves on before you do this, I dyed my fingers doing this) and scoop up the foam and apply to dry hair. The application time is a little longer than usual, 25 minutes for roots and 40 minutes for the rest of your hair.

According to the box, this was supposed to be drip free. It didn't drip like crazy, but bits of it fell off my hair and it did go all on the floor, my neck and my jeans, so I'd recommend covering everything before dyeing.

I mistakenly left my colour on for longer than I was supposed to, so the result is a lot darker than I was expecting. It most definitely is not purple, it's a red. Personally I am really happy with the result, it's black with a hint of red. It's very shiny, and the red glows in sunlight. I really struggled to get a photograph of this, I was trying to capture the effect of sunlight and ended up having to tilt the camera towards the back of my hair. Any pictures straight on made my hair look completely black. It's a terrible picture, but I think you can see the contrast between the dark colour and the red.

My hair was super frizzy after quite a humid day outside!

I think if you are dyeing your hair for the first time, foam colour would definitely be the easiest route to go down. I really like the colour, but I wish it was more like the colour on the box. All of the Live purple colours have sent my hair red. This colour costs £5.99 and is available online at Boots here.

What hair colour do you use? Have you tried out any of the foam ones?

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Barry M Fine Glitter Dust in Black Purple

This is another one of those products that I've had for quite awhile but never really got round to reviewing. I'm not usually a glitter fan, but when I saw this in Superdrug I had to pick it up. Barry M's Fine Glitter Dust's are very similar to the Dazzle Dusts, but with a lot of a glitter. They cost £4.59 each, and come in 22 different shades.

The dust comes in a little jar  with a black twist off lid. The packaging is very similar to the Dazzle Dusts, and they have the name printed on the top along with the Barry M logo. You get a lot of product in the little jar.

As the name suggests, these are made up of  fine glitter. As with most eye dusts, they are a bit difficult to apply. The glitter does tend to fall all over your face, so I'd definitely recommend applying foundation afterwards with these. I always use a primer with these, to give to the glitter something to stick to. When applied over a primer they are quite long lasting, without they fade fairly quickly. You will need to touch up if you aren't using a primer, which could result in being very messy!

Black Purple is a black base with bright purple glitter. The pictures do not do it justice, at all. The glitter in my pictures make it look more of a lilac, when actually it's more of a vivid purple (the arm swatch picture is the most accurate). It's very intense and pigmented, and it doesn't feel at all gritty, the texture is surprisingly soft.

The Barry M website suggests that you can use these on the lips, cheeks and body as well as eyes, but because of the colour of this particular one I can't really see it working anywhere else apart from the eyes. I did apply it to my lips out of curiosity, but I struggled to get it to apply evenly and it began to fade fairly quickly. I think if you do want to apply it to the lips it would work a lot better if applied over the top of a black liner.

Although this product is messy, I think  it's often worth it, especially if you're wearing this to go out at night. Plus at £4.59 it's affordable. The colour is really pretty. You can purchase this product from Superdrug, Boots and the Barry M website

Have you tried any of the Barry M Fine Glitter Dusts? What did you think?

Disclaimer: I bought this product myself. 

Monday, 11 June 2012

My Week - 4/6/2012

I've not done one of these posts in awhile. Most of my weeks are pretty uneventful, so I don't normally have anything to blog about. I've pretty much skipped the whole begining of the first week, as it just constantly rained. I've been busy attempting to get my uni work and my book collection as organised as possible. It's chaos!

On the Friday, I went out shopping. I didn't buy much as I was saving my money to take with me to Download, but I did buy some things to make some jewellery. I bought  a teapot charm, an adjustable ring and a black rose. I super-glued the black rose onto the ring, and it came out like this:

I don't think it came out too bad. My fingers are very small, so I usually can never find any to fit me, which is why I stick to adjustable rings. I'm definitely going to buy some more!

On the Sunday I went to Download for the day. I'd heard a lot about the conditions over the week, so I was  prepared for mud and rain. The conditions were absolutely fine, the mud had pretty much dried up, and it was hot. I managed to burn my shoulders and my back again.

The lace in the corner is one of my sleeves. Didn't check the picture after  I took it!

They also had a screen the middle this time, which was a little annoying as it blocked the view of the stage more than anything. It was almost impossible to see the whole stage at once unless you were in front of it or on one of the sides. I tend to stay towards the back, so it obstructed my view for most of the day.

We ended up behind the screen for Sabbath as it had a barrier to lean on, and also because it was impossible to move anywhere else. 

I ended up seeing Devildriver, Kyuss Lives, Anthrax, Lamb of God, Black Label Society, Megadeth, Soundgarden and Black Sabbath. I'd seen Anthrax, Lamb of God, Devildriver and Megadeth before. I'm still not much of a Soundgarden fan. Black Sabbath were absolutely phenomenal. They're one of the best bands that I've ever seen, and I've seen a lot of bands. Ozzy spent most of his time running and shuffling about, and throwing buckets of water around. His voice was amazing. 

This week is going to be pretty uneventful. I'm going to see Beauty and the Beast in 3D with my sister, and I have a ton of organisation that I need to do with all my uni work from last year. 

What did you do last week? Anything interesting?

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Clinique High Impact Mascara

I've never really been one to wear mascara.  I'm very lucky, I was born with naturally long lashes. I don't really like the look that most mascaras give me. I don't like my lashes thick or clumped together, if anything, I want them as natural as possible, only with a bit more curl. At some point last year, I gave up and started tinting my lashes black, and curling them in the morning. Unfortunately getting them tinted is much too expensive, so I started using one coat of Revlon's Grow Luscious mascara instead. I went to an in-store event at Debenhams a few weeks ago, and I was given a sample of Clinique's High Impact Mascara. Having never used a high end mascara before, I was very excited to give it a try.

I attempted several times to get a picture of my lashes, but for some reason my camera blurres when it gets close to my eyes, to the point where you can't see my lashes whatsoever, so I'm not able to post a photo of the mascara actually on, sorry! I may have it on the wrong setting, if anybody has any ideas please let me know!

The brush that comes with this mascara is quite large and thick, with dense bristles. It manages to coat most of my lashes in one swoop of the brush. The packaging itself is very simple.

The aspect that I like the most about this mascara is the length to adds to my lashes. It makes them seem a lot longer. However, despite this mascara being named 'high impact' I don't think that actually adds a lot of volume. I think it may have been better to market it as a lengthening mascara as opposed to one that adds volume. I didn't really notice any clumping issues with this mascara. It didn't go flaky on me either.

I like my mascaras to add curl to my lashes, and while this did add a little bit curl, it wasn't quite enough for my liking.

The biggest downside for most people is going to be the price. This mascara retails at £16.00. It's at the higher end.

While I would prefer it if it added a little more curl to my lashes, I do really like this mascara. I don't know if it's one that I would repurchase because of the price, but I really like the natural look that it gives to my lashes, and the added length.

What's your favourite mascara?

Disclosure: I was given this as a sample from Debenhams. 

Friday, 8 June 2012

NOTD: Illamasqua Phallic

I don't own many blue polishes. No particular reason why, I'm just mostly attracted to purples, pinks and reds when it comes to nails. But I decided to pick this up when I was in London some time ago, the colour in the bottle was just stunning.

I'm a big fan of Illamasqua polishes, I bought Baptiste a while back and it is still my favourite polish. They dry quickly and they last a considerable amount of time, even on my flimsy nails. Phallic is a little thicker than Baptiste, but it's definitely workable. It was opaque in two coats.

I will have to apologise for the messiness of my nails, along with the slightly blurred picture. I had a seriously bad case of shaky hands. Once I finally managed to paint my nails, getting a picture was even harder. Shaking camera and shaking nails meant a lot of blurred pictures, so I settled for this one, since it was one of the two that came out somewhat okay.

Phallic is a beautiful midnight blue, with bright blue shimmer. Gorgeous. Indoors it is dark, but not black. In sunlight (which we do not have much of at the moment) it really comes to life. It's quite an original colour, the shimmer in this polish is just amazing. Illamasqua polishes aren't exactly on the cheaper side, but for me it's definitely worth it, just for the uniqueness of the colours.

This polish most definitely encouraged me to start looking at more blue polishes. It's really pretty. It's very similar to Baptiste in the whole lit-from-within look that it has going on. Beautiful.

Do you own any Illamasqua polishes?

Illamasqua polishes cost £13.50 and can be purchased from their website.

Disclosure: I bought this product myself.

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Relvon Colorburst Lip Gloss in Bordeaux

This is another product that I've been meaning to review for absolutely ages. I bought this several months ago with a giftcard that was given to me for my birthday. I don't normally like lip gloss, but I went and bought this one because it looked so pretty in the tube.

Bordeaux is a deep wine shade. It looks absolutely beautiful in the tube. I very rarely buy products on a whim unless I know that I've had good experiences with the brand, but this is an exception. Revlon products have always been a hit or miss with me, so when I bought this I was a little sceptical.

This gloss has the usual Revlon quilting design on the cap, which I've always really liked. It makes it look more like a high-end product. The gloss doesn't have a doe foot applicator, instead the applicator is flat.

While I was unsure about buying this since I'd heard little about them, it's fair to say that I love this gloss. It applies evenly, and it isn't too sticky. The pigmentation is good, and although the colour doesn't quite match to the colour in the tube (on the lips it is much lighter) it's still very pretty. I can wear this gloss for about 3 hours at most before it begins to wear, but it still leaves a touch of colour on the lips. I also found it to be quite moisturising.

I've also started pairing it with Sleek's Cranberry lipstick which normally dries out my lips too much to wear alone, but with this gloss it's amazing. I don't normally wear gloss on a regular basis, but I reach for this one quite frequently for days where lipstick isn't quite appropriate.

This lip gloss costs £7.99 for 5ml, perhaps a little bit more than your average drugstore product, but I think it's worth it. It also comes in 15 shades.

Overall I absolutely love this gloss. It's really lovely. I can't really think of anything that I don't like about it, it's definitely one of my favourite lip glosses.

You can buy this lipgloss from either Boots, Superdrug or the Revlon website.

Have you tried any Revlon lip glosses? What did you think?

Disclaimer: I bought this product with a gift voucher given to me for my birthday.
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