Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Illamasqua Sheer Lipgloss in Mina

I bought this back in the 60% off sale that Illamasqua had not so long ago. I definitely favour lipstick over lip gloss, but when I saw that this was £5 in the sale I decided to give it a go.

At first glance I liked the packaging. It's quite elegant looking, and I always like products where you can see the colour without having to remove the lid, it makes them so much easier to identify. However, I would have much preferred a wand applicator, I found this one a little difficult to use because it lacks the control that comes with a wand, and it made it a little difficult to get exactly the right amount of product that you want.

Mina is a lovely purple berry. Although this is one of the sheer glosses, I was surprised at just how pigmented it was. I was expecting it to be a little more sheer. It is slightly sticky, but not overly so, and nowhere near as sticky as other glosses I've tried. It also has a nice subtle sweet scent.

The colour is really pretty, and quite subtle. This lasts around two hours or so on me without eating or drinking before it needed to be reapplied, which isn't too bad for a gloss. I've also tried it layered on top of Diablo, which was really nice, but darker than it shows in my swatch.

Mina over Diablo. My camera can't focus on gloss very well, hence why it's all blurred around the edges and jellylike! 

This gloss is definitely on the more expensive side, as they usually retail at £13.00 for 7ml. I don't think I would buy another one at full price because I'm not much a gloss fan, but I'm really pleased with it for the sale price.

Mina is no longer listed on the website, so I'm not sure if it's just out of stock or if it was been discontinued, but you can find these for £13.00 on the Illamasqua website.

 Did you buy anything in the Illamasqua sale?

Disclosure: I bought this product myself.


  1. Replies
    1. It's really pretty, I was quite surprised at how nice it looked layered!

  2. I hear you on the difficult to apply properly thing, I have to use a lip brush which isn't really a big deal, but I'm really lazy! Hahah is it just me or have they changed *some* of their glosses to a wand applicator?? I don't get why they would change some of them and not all of them if that is that case! Mina is a beautiful colour, I got Violate and Tantrum in the sale, Tantrum is pretty similar to Mina actually, judging by your swatches! It's more sparkly though! Can't wait for Illamasqua's next sale! Hahah ♥

    1. They've changed the intense ones I think? Hoping that it means that they'll change all of them eventually! I don't mind using a lip brush, but if I'm going out it's a little awkward. I very nearly bought Tantrum, and I'd love an excuse to buy Violate but I know I'd never wear it! Fortunately they seem to have sales quite often! The last one was the best one I've seen though.

  3. Argh! Illamasqua Sheer Lipglosses EVERYWHERE..teasing me.. I am still kicking myself for not picking up Violate thanks for Aoife! I need to steer clear of Illamasqua posts for a while!

    Mina looks like such a pretty colour especially over Diablo.. oh how I want Diablo! You lucky thing! xxx

    1. I know, me too! I desperately wanted an excuse to buy Violate, but I just couldn't justify it! Maybe next time...

      Diablo is still available on the Debenhams website! So tempted to buy another one, it's so pretty.

  4. I love the colour of this gloss! I've not heard of this brand before, I think I might have to try it out. Just followed your blog - love the look of it.
    Claire x

    1. It's really pretty, and I've always been really happy with everything that I've bought from Illamasqua. :) Thank you!


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