Wednesday, 2 January 2013

NOTD: imPRESS Press on Manicure in Rated R

Some of you may remember me reviewing these nails a few months ago. My nails are the kind of nails which break and peel incredibly easily. At the moment my natural nails are very, very short, because I trimmed them down so they were all even. I was given another set of these nails for Christmas in Rated R, and I decided that this was probably a good opportunity to use them!

Rated R is a deep red/purple. When I first received these I thought that they were the same as the ones I reviewed last time, but there are much less red and are a little darker. They are exactly my kind of colour, it's really pretty! I actually wouldn't mind a polish in this colour. I took the picture before I filed them (they all have little rectangular tabs on the tips of the nail, I'm not sure why!). They're perfectly fine to file.

I love these nails because they are so easy to apply and they don't look fake. They aren't irritating to wear and they last a considerable amount of time on me (around five days). I like how neat they look and they only take five minutes to apply, if that.

The only downside to these nails is that your own natural nails need to be quite short to apply them. You might also struggle to find the right size to fit you, the last two packs I've had have been perfect but with this one some of them are too large and some of them are too small. Fortunately you can only see that they're too small if I tilt my nails sideways, so it isn't too much of a problem!

imPRESS nails cost £7.99 from Boots and Superdrug (where they are on offer for £4.99).

Have you tried any imPRESS nails?

Disclosure: These were a Christmas present, I didn't buy them.


  1. Those are puuuuuurdy! Never tried falsies though, are they uncomfortable at first? Can't imagine why they have those rectangle tabs at the end either, is it to stabilise them if you've got really long natural nails? Seems odd! xx

    1. They feel a little odd at first but you get used to them after an hour or so and after that they're completely fine! They don't feel as uncomfortable as you'd expect at all. The rectangular tabs are very weird...the pair I last bought didn't have them. I've filed them so they're fine now, but it's strange all the same!

  2. Ive had a pack of these sitting around for a while but im worried about using them encase they dont stick very well compared to normal false nails. How did you find them?

    I like your blog, found it via the bbloggers blog hop.

    p.s your can from the other post is so cute and mine did the same with the baubles on the tree.

    Lorna xxx

    1. I've never used false nails so I can't compare them, but they stick really well and I was surprised at how secure they feel. They last around five days on me, but my sister bought some recently and she's had them on for eight days now and they're still going!

      Thanks! Will check out your blog. :)

      Thank you! Fortunately none of the baubles were broken this year! We buy her all these toys and she still prefers baubles!

  3. The thought and feeling (when I got around to it) of wearing fake nails is pretty terrifying since it makes me feel insecure and I'm always afraid they might pop off *(just as I was with fake lashes, that they'd fall into my plate or glass :P), and gel nails are not an option, I think they can look pretty bad and expensive to maintain, hard to change blabla. These look awesome if you want a little change for a short time! :>


    1. I'm like that with fake lashes too! I've had gel nails before and I'm not much of fan, they wrecked my nails afterwards. Plus I really enjoy painting my nails so having the same colour for more than a week would irritate me. These are great because they don't feel as insecure as I was expecting and they don't last very long!


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