Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette

This post is actually the first of several Urban Decay reviews - I received a few vouchers for Christmas and for my my birthday so I used them to buy a few new products! I'll try and space them out a bit so you aren't all overloaded with Urban Decay posts, unless you would rather me post them all consecutively? Anyway, I really wasn't interesting in either of the Naked palettes when they first came out. I'm not usually one to go for more neutral shadows so I never really paid much attention to them. I've been experimenting a little more in the past few months and I've found myself reaching for neutral shades more and more, and I found myself looking at these palettes. In the end I decided to ask on Twitter what you all thought I should buy, and the result was pretty unanimous! I was torn over which palette to buy, in the end I with the Naked 2 because I thought it might look a little better with my pale skin.

This palette comes in a large rectangular tin. It's very sleek and nice. It's probably a little more subtle than most Urban Decay products I own! It's also very easy to clean (I can't be the only one who cleans my eyeshadow palettes?) I like how sturdy it feels too. My only issue with the packaging is that it doesn't close very well. It has a magnetic closure, but if I were travelling with it for example, I'm not sure it would stay closed. I'd probably tape it up if I happened to be taking it anywhere! It also has a large full sized mirror in the lid.

This palette comes with twelve full sized shadows, a dual-ended brush and a miniature lip junkie gloss in Naked. Only three of the shadows are mattes (Foxy, Blackout and Tease), so if you like shimmer shades, this is for you!

If you read this blog frequently, you'll know I adore Urban Decay's shadows and this is no exception. They are easy to apply, highly pigmented and incredibly soft. I've not had any trouble with fall out from any of these shadows except Chopper which produced the tiniest bit of fall out for me.

My favourite shades from this palette are Tease, Verve and Snakebite. This might be the first palette I've ever owned where I know I'll use every single one of it's shades. There isn't a single one that I don't like. At first I was a bit sceptical but as soon as I started using it I fell in love. I've found myself switching between this and my Smoked Palette nearly every day. I particularly like using Verve and Blackout together to create something a little more interesting. Before I bought this palette I'd read a few reviews that said that Tease was the worst shadow in the palette, so I was a bit hesitant to use it, and it's one of my favourites! I tend to wear it alone on days where I don't want to spend a lot of time doing my make up. I really love it. The only shadow that I didn't like as much as the others is Foxy, I found it to be a little on the sheer side.

The lip gloss in Junkie that comes with this palette is a neutral pink. It's not a colour that I would've gone out and bought, but I have worn it a few times. I actually wore it to university last week and it was still going strong after four hours of wear and a cup of tea. One of my friends asked me if I'd reapplied it without her noticing because she was convinced that a gloss couldn't possibly last that long! It feels sticky but it isn't uncomfortable. It also smells like peppermint!

The dual-ended brush isn't a bad addition either. I use the fluffy crease brush a lot, but I've only used the other side a couple of times because it's a little too stiff for my liking. It's workable if you're going travelling and you don't want to pack your brushes though!

Overall I really love this palette, and I would definitely consider buying Naked 1! It's on the more expensive side, and I don't think I'd have bought if I hadn't had vouchers, but I'm certainly glad that I did! Even my Mum has been using it!

This palette costs £36 and can be purchased from Debenhams.

Have you tried either of the Naked palettes?

Disclosure: I bought this palette with vouchers I received for Christmas.


  1. Replies
    1. Me too, they're one of my favourite brands!

  2. I love the Naked 2 Palette, it's my go to day time palette. I love that you can create some lovely natural looks, but also some more glamours looks for night time!
    I'd love to see what you'd do with them! xx

    Natalie Roseanne's Nails and Beauty Blog

    1. I was surprised at how versatile it is! I've been using it nearly everyday. I think it's going to be one of my favourite palettes.

  3. I got the first Naked Palette for Christmas but I'm trying to use up some of my old shadows first. I can't wait to dig in and try it. I do have Chopper by itself and it's one of my favorite shadows to date. If I end up liking the first palette enough who knows, I may buy #2. I think you should post the UD reviews consecutively - I'm eager to hear what else you're reviewing.

    1. I really need to try to use up some of my old shadows up too. I've not actually used Chopper that much, I need to dig it out and have a play! I'm never sure whether to post things in a row or not, so thank you so much for the feedback!

  4. I have this palette and love it xx

    ide love it if you checked out my mac lipstick giveaway :) 1stepclosereveryday.blogspot.co.uk

    1. I love it, I didn't think I would but I've been using it so much!

  5. Hi, really like your blog started following you- am an irish mua student http://kimannabellamua.blogspot.ie/

    I think the urban decays are good but like yourself I didn't tend to use traditionally normal colours, but find myself reaching for the neutrals a lot more frequently these days. If you mix the half baked with tease you get a really unusual burnt gold.

    1. Thank you for the follow! I'll have a look at your blog in a minute. :)

      Ooh I'll give that one a go! Thanks for the tip!


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