Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Chokers by Sinister

Those of you will who follow me on Instagram may remember when I posted that I'd just ordered Restyle's Absinthe necklace from The Gothic Shop. Well, I came home to my package on Friday and I was surprised with these two chokers as a free gift! I'd had a really bad week and it brightened up my day!

I've always been a bit unsure about chokers. I always look at them but I've never bought any except for Alchemy Gothic's Westernra Choker. I was always concerned that they'd be too large for me. Fortunately I discovered that these are adjustable, which is excellent if you aren't sure about sizing. These measure around 12 inches in length, and approximately 24 inches including the length ribbon if that makes the sizing at all clearer. The chokers do have a tiny bit of stretch in them, but not very much.

I was sent both the black and the bordeaux chokers. They are beautiful and elegant in simplicity. I'm normally one for more intricate and elaborate jewellery but is nice to wear something a little more understated for a change! They tie with two black ribbons, and they are incredibly easy to fasten.  You can also wear them with the ribbon fastening at the front in a bow, but I prefer to wear these with the ribbon at the back.

I can't quite decide which of these I prefer. I think I will get a lot more use out of the black one, but the red one is incredibly eye-catching. The border of the bordeaux choker is of a slightly darker red to the ribbon detailing in the centre, which makes it look a little more interesting. I really love the detailing on the border of these chokers.

I actually found these pretty difficult to photograph, so I've included a photograph of my wearing one so you can see what they look like a little more accurately.

You will have to excuse my messy desk in the background! 

Do I get extra blogger points for being brave and actually posting a picture of myself on here instead of making an excuse and cropping out my head? Still, I'm not sure why I always look so grumpy on photographs...

Overall I adore these chokers! They make a nice change to the more elaborate jewellery that I own, and they are very different to anything else I have. They have definitely persuaded to me to look into buying more chokers!

You can purchase Sinister chokers from The Gothic Shop. I couldn't find a link to the specific ones I have, there's a good chance they they're sold out or that I'm being blind and I missed them when I was browsing!


To get one of these chokers for free, mention me in the comments section when making an order!**

Have you bought anything from Sinister?

Disclosure: I received these as a free gift when I ordered my Restyle necklace.

** While stocks last.


  1. Those are really pretty! I wish I could wear chokers, but I don't have much of a neck. :D I bought a neck corset one time and I looked ridiculous! Haha. Looks great on ya. I really have to force myself to smile in photos, as i doesn't come naturally.

    1. They really are! I was concerned at how they'd look on my neck but I was quite surprised! Thank you! I think my main camera face is fear!

  2. Despite them being hard to photograph, I can still see the intricate details. Lovely chokers. I've a thing for chokers. They can make quite a statement.
    Girlie Blog Seattle | Casual Chic Fashion

    1. They really can! They are simple but beautiful. I don't own many chokers but I'm really tempted to buy some more in different styles.

  3. What a nice touch to an order! More shops should do it I think lol.
    I like how detailed they are :)

    1. They are a fantastic company, I think I've been ordering from them for about four years now! They also put some sweets in their orders too but they didn't last long enough for me to photograph them!

  4. It looks really nice on you :). I don't have any chokers, because I think I have too wide neck to look good in them.

    1. Thank you! I was concerned that they'd look silly on me but I was pleasantly surprised!


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