Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Rufford Abbey

First of all, I'd like to thank you all for your feedback concerning my Newstead Abbey post. It really is helpful to know what people want/don't want to see, and since the general consensus seemed to be that people wanted me to continue with posts like this I'll continue to post them!

My visit to Newstead Abbey really put me in the mood to go visiting more places, so when I got home I did a quick Google search and wrote down a list of places I was interested in. I could vaguely remember visiting Rufford Abbey once before when I small, and I was curious to see it again so I decided to take a look. Rufford Abbey features the ruins of a medieval monastery, gardens, woodland walks and a lake. It's very close to Sherwood Forest, which is one of my favourite in the world to visit. Would you all be interested in seeing Sherwood Forest if I go back again?

My trip to Newstead Abbey lured me into a false sense of security concerning the weather. Spring decided to abandon us again, and it was freezing. It didn't help that I've somehow lost my hat and one of my gloves at university. Needless to say, our visit was very brisk to say the least!

Of course, the ruins of monastery are the highlight of the park. The exterior was really quite astounding. From a distance it doesn't actually look like a ruin and it's in good shape considering how old it is! I found the interior really quite eerie and strange, but you can just feel the history in the colour of the stonework.

The fireplace in the interior was spectacularly large. I can only imagine how impressive it looked when it was lit! I was surprised at how intact the ruins are, and how well they've been maintained. I was expecting an empty shell but to see the lower floor interior and the even some of the window frames still there was very impressive!

As with Newstead Abbey, I felt that Rufford Abbey would really be very beautiful in summer. The photo above the lake is actually of a rose garden which I think would look wonderful in bloom. The lakeside walk was very nice too, it just happened to be cold! You could easily walk around the lake and back to the abbey in about twenty minutes. I was too cold to attempt the wildlife walks and my flask of tea was calling to me!

You could easily visit Rufford Abbey in an hour, or even less than that if you don't stop for a drink. If you are thinking of visiting, I'd recommend that you do Sherwood Forest and Rufford Abbey in the same day because they are extremely close together and they are both worth visiting.

I am really looking forward to summer now. I'm usually the sort of person who looks forward to autumn and winter, but I am honestly just fed up with being cold and having to wear two coats whenever I go outside! I'm really excited for the weather to warm up and for everything to be in bloom so I can go out and enjoy more places!

Have you ever been to Rufford Abbey?


  1. This place looks gorgeous! I really want to to visit now! :) xo

    1. It's definitely worth a visit! There's not a lot there but it's interesting nevertheless!

  2. Oh stunning. I'd love to go around visiting historic places like this, it's going on my bucket list!

    1. My bucket list is huge now! I'm going to try and make my way around all the interesting sites around here this summer.

  3. This post and these pictures make me miss living in England terribly. Even though I only did so for 6 months, there was always so much to see!

    Sharleena xx

    1. I'm very lucky to live so close to so many historical places. I'd love to travel though! I have a huge list of places I'd love to visit!


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