Friday, 20 September 2013

Cold Chemistry Palette by Sugarpill

Firstly, I would like to apologise for neglecting this blog so much over the past few weeks! I start my final year of university very soon and it's all a bit hectic. I've also been looking into applying for my masters degree, and it's starting to get a little bit overwhelming. I can't believe I graduate next July!

Anyway, as I was looking through my mountain of draft blog posts (no exaggeration), I realised that it has been absolutely ages since I posted a review. I've not consciously decreased my number of review posts; I've just somehow gotten out of the habit of posting them.

So, I thought I'd get around to reviewing one of my most exciting make up purchases of the past few weeks, Sugarpill's Cold Chemistry palette. Sugarpill's shadows are by far the best I've ever used. I bought Poison Plum and Bulletproof a few months ago, and I use Bulletproof every single day. I'd seen a couple of blog posts featuring the Cold Chemistry shadows, and I was very intrigued. I was only planning on ordering a couple of them but I couldn't choose between them! In the end I ordered the palette from Cocktail Cosmetics for £24.95.

This palette is definitely interesting to look at. The design is very cool, and it has a magnetic closure. It also features a rather odd shaped mirror, which is fine for presentation purposes but it isn't really good for anything else. Surprisingly, the pans are the same size as Sugarpill's regular shadows, which means that they are very large and will last forever!

The Cold Chemistry palette features four eye shadows. I truly cannot praise Sugarpill's shadows highly enough. As I mentioned earlier, they are the best I've ever used. They are incredibly pigmented, apply easily and they are beautiful. You do have to use a very light hand with these as the smallest amount of shadow is more than enough, and they are very soft. I did get a little bit of fallout, but nothing too major.

Soot and Stars is a wonderful deep, dark grey with a lot of sparkle. I was expecting a lot of fallout with this one so I'm pleasantly surprised! A lot of glittery shadows apply very poorly (Beauty Marked by MAC springs to mind) but this one is fantastic.

Diamond Eyes is a frosty white. I actually don't own a decent white in my collection so I'm really pleased that I have this one! However, it is too pigmented to use as a highlighter in my opinion, but it is a nice lid shade.

Elemental Chaos is a lovely deep, frosted purple. It's a gorgeous colour, if you like purple you will adore this shade!

Subterranean is a dark smoky green, and my favourite shade in the palette. I love dark reds and greens in autumn and I'll be getting a lot of use out of this shade. My arm swatch does not do this shade justice at all.

I somehow managed to slip when applying these which is why Soot and Stars is so smudged!

Aside from the minor fallout, I don't have a bad word to say about this palette. While £24.95 is a lot of money for four shadows, the quality is excellent. You can also buy these shadows individually for £8.95.

This palette costs £24.95 and can be purchased from Cocktail Cosmetics or the Sugarpill website.

Have you tried any of Sugarpill's shadows?

Disclosure: I bought this palette myself.

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