Sunday, 12 May 2013

This and That

If you follow me on Instagram, you might remember me posting about receiving my wall art. A few of you wanted to see photos of the little bits and pieces I have in full, so here you go! I decorated my room a few years ago, but I'd never gotten around to completely finishing it. I ordered some little prints for my wall above my desk and it took me nearly three months to actually put them up. I'm never in a hurry to get things organised. I try not to go too overboard with ornaments and things because I know I'll start collecting them.

I'd been wanting to get some theatre posters for absolutely ages. I love seeing the covers to plays when I'm reading them, and I always thought they'd look fantastic as wall art. I chose two of my favourite plays, Marlowe's Doctor Faustus and Shakespeare's Hamlet. I chose one of my favourite John Tenniel illustrations from Alice in Wonderland to go in the middle, and I really like the colour contrast with the other two prints. I bought them from Zazzle. I love them, but I wish I'd ordered the larger size! The pentacle hanging above them looks a little odd, but it's hiding a hole in the wall so I can't really move it! It'd probably do a better job of hiding the hole in the wall if I didn't tell people about it...

As for the ornaments, I bought the mask on a stand from Dunelm Mill, my mirror and vase from Ikea (the roses were a present from my sister) and my cat frame from a local card shop that was closing down. I want to get another frame to put on the other side of my desk with a picture of Figgy in it. The amethyst candle holder in the very first picture is from a shop in Sherwood Forest. I was looking for a trifold mirror for my desk, but I couldn't find one that I liked so I picked up this mirror when I went to Ikea. I normally avoid going to Ikea because it's so hectic, but I managed to find a lot of things that I liked! I also have a lamp that I move onto my desk when it's particularly dark. I move my mirror to the back of my desk during the day so that I can use laptop. The Cheshire Cat pillow is from the Disney Store. I don't normally buy anything from there because it's so expensive, but it was half price and it's so so soft!

The pot that I'm keeping my brushes in is actually my gargoyle box that I bought when I was around eleven or twelve years old. I never used it because the lid was chipped, but since I didn't feel like going out and buying a new pencil pot, it came in handy to store my brushes. My make-up storage isn't the best. At the moment I have three boxes, one for lipsticks, one for face products and one for eye products. I use a pencil pot to store liners, mascaras, pencils and so on. It works well enough for me.

I'm currently in the middle of my exams at university and this means that this will probably be my last post until the start of June. I have a seen exam to finish and two more English exams. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it goes well. It seems very strange that I'm going into my third and final year.

I'm going to leave you with this clip of Figgy chasing her tail. If it doesn't work, try waiting a moment or refreshing the page.

I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend! 

Saturday, 4 May 2013

The Hidden Chamber and Egyptian Divination from Nocturne Alchemy

When I was scouring Ebay looking for any BPAL oils up for sale, I saw 'Nocturne Alchemy' as one of the related searches, and I was curious and decided to have a look. One seller had numerous oils up for auction, and I won two of them, The Hidden Chamber, and Egyptian Divination. After being thrilled with the BPAL oils I bought, I was very excited to receive these to see how they compared! I think they are both limited edition, but they might be a few floating around on Ebay!

Egyptian Divination

'Kiwi, Clementine, Vanilla Absolute, NA Dragon Blood, Red Musk, Black Tea and Dragon Berry.'

Egyptian Divination is one that I was most looking forward to receiving. Dragon's Blood is one my favourite scents (whenever I burn incense it's the one I reach for). It's an incredibly rich scent. You know that those really interesting stores that you walk in and you can immediately smell the incense? It reminds me of that. Dragon's Blood is nearly impossible to describe, but I think it's the scent that comes across the most in this oil. It comes across a little sweeter on my skin than it does when you smell the bottle. It's a gorgeous scent and one that I can see me getting a lot of use out of. 

The Hidden Chamber

'Pure Chocolate Oil but added Candy Canes and Egyptian Mint, a touch of Black Vanilla and blended a Holiday Spun Sugar with Pink and Blue Ice crystals.'

Doesn't the ingredient list just sound good enough to eat? I adore sweet scents so I figured that this one would be something that I would really love. It smells exactly like mint chocolate to me, with a touch of vanilla. I tend to only apply a small amount of this because otherwise the sweetness would be a little overpowering for me! If you like mint perfumes, you will love this.

The seller I bought this from also very kindly included some sample oils, which was a lovely surprise! I'm only to say something quick about these, I haven't really worn them very much yet!

Fireflies  from Violette Market:

'Lydia's golden fireflies glowing among raw agave sugar crystals, toasted marshmallow creme, and a pinch of golden amber dust.'

I am so, so wishing that I'd never opened this! It smells good enough to eat. To me, it smells exactly like digestive biscuits (perhaps with a little more sweetness to it) and it gives me a serious craving for sweets. The Violette Market website is very pretty too; their Vampyre perfumes look particularly appealing! I can see some of them being added to my ever growing wishlist!

Year of the Snake 2013 Cobra Venom by VApothecary

'Aged Ambre Ombre (shadow amber), Black Musk, Aged Oud, Blue Heather, Chinese Allspice, Chinese White Clove, Chinese Frankincense, Sicilian Cedar, Bamboo Accord and Vanilla Musk'

This smells amazing. It's one of those perfumes that on the first sniff you aren't sure if you like it or not but you gradually fall in love with it. It's not as musky as I was expecting, there's a touch of sweetness that I wasn't anticipating. It's a strong scent and quite spicy. It's a very hard one to describe!

Year of the Snake Anti-Venom by Nocturne Alchemy

'Chinese Plum Nectar, Cherry Blossom, Egyptian Sugar Accord, Nokturne: Crystal (Vanilla Musk) and Mimosa Skin Musk'

Aside from vanilla musk, I have no idea what any of the other scents in that list smell like. You know how some scents really remind you of something that you just can't put your finger on? That's how I'm feeling with this one. To me it seems a little more on the floral and fruity side in a very strange way... it definitely doesn't smell sweet to me and vanilla isn't as strong as I was expecting, it's more in the background. It's a very strong scent. I'm not one hundred percent sold on this one as of yet, it's very different to what I usually wear. I've not tried it layered with the Cobra Venom one yet though!

Overall I am really pleased with the two full sized oils I bought and the decant ones were a lovely surprise. I think I may have to purchase another bottle of Egyptian Divination if another one pops up again!

You can buy Nocturne Alchemy perfume oils from their website.

Have you tried anything from Nocturne Alchemy?

Disclosure: I bought these myself. The Ebay seller included the decants with my order.

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

OOTD: The First Sign of Spring

How many times have I said that I'll get round to doing an OOTD? For once I've actually gone through with it. I can't believe it either.

Anyway, Spring is finally here in England, and the snow has gone! I'm not usually one to like sunshine (autumn is my favourite season) but even I'm glad that I no longer have to wear a coat everywhere. I have realised that my summer wardrobe is seriously limited. I find that I buy more winter clothes because they're a lot more appealing to me, whereas summer clothes...aren't as much. I always get asked what I wear in summer, and the truth is, my wardrobe doesn't change. I've been stupid enough to go out in a corset in 30 degree heat before.

I've been trying to force myself out of my comfort zone recently to try and improve my confidence. One of the first steps of this was to buy a skirt. I live in jeans and I sometimes venture into shorts in really hot weather, but never skirts. I'm only 4'11 and I really dislike my legs because I'm so short, so I am determined to get used to seeing them. I ordered this skirt on Ebay, without realising that it was Lycra. I was expecting it to be cotton, but I actually quite like it, which is odd because I never would have even tried it on if I'd seen in it in store. The top is an old gypsy top of mine, which is supposed to be off the shoulder but it just hangs on me. Maybe because I've had it for five years or so, maybe more. I really ought to buy a new one because I wear it all the time, and having to wear the sleeves up really doesn't look right! I also feel like I should apologise for the state of my face...all my make-up melted off and I'd just walked in from uni. I'd planned to take the pictures before I left but I ran out of time. I'm also the least photogenic person in the entire world.

I have no idea what I'm doing with my arm here. In regards to the way that I stand  I recommend you read this post.
Skirt - Ebay
Corset - Also The Gothic Shop
Tights and Socks - Peacocks
Boots - Schuh (Dr. Martens Darcie Boots)
Bag - Restyle's Red Rose Cameo Bag from The Gothic Shop
Lipstick - Glamour 101 by Lime Crime
Necklace - Alchemy Gothic's Emerald Venom from GlitterGoth

I don't know if I'll post this sort of thing very often. To be completely honest, I don't wear anything interesting and I don't put any effort into my outfits whatsoever, unless I'm going somewhere important. I'm very lazy when it comes to clothes. I'd love to be one of those people who manages to put an outfit together every morning, but I'm not. I throw on a clean pair of jeans and any random top, and that's it. That's part of the reason why I wear black so much. It goes with everything and I don't have to sit and think about whether or not this matches that and so on. I think my sister ended up with all the fashion sense in my family!

What do you wear in spring? Would you like to see more posts like this?

Disclosure: I bought everything in this post myself, expect for the top which was a birthday present (five years ago!) and the shoes which my parents bought me for my prom, which was four years ago. You can't say I don't get my money's worth out of things...

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