Monday, 10 February 2014

Pentagram Pendant from The Black Cat Jewellery Store

I don't feature nearly enough small businesses on this blog for my liking. There's always something special about buying from smaller businesses and individuals compared with buying from larger companies and brands. You know a lot of hard work has gone into what you are buying and I've often found that the quality is superior to larger brands. And so today's post features a beautiful pendant necklace that I recently bought from Anna at The Black Cat Jewellery Store.

I've been following Anna on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for quite some time now, and she's a genuinely lovely person, with an adorable black cat (I'm always slightly biased towards people with similar pets to me).You all probably know by now that I adore more unique pieces of jewellery and when I saw on Facebook that Anna was making these, I simply couldn't resist.

The necklace cost £14.50 with free UK postage. I had the choice between a chain and a black suede necklace, and I chose a chain. I was astounded at how quickly it arrived; from what I saw on Facebook these were incredibly popular so I presumed it would take a long time to make, but it arrived within days.

The pendant features a silver wire pentagram against five black onyx beads. There's several different colour combinations available, but I think the black and silver is definitely the most striking.

The pendant is simple but beautiful. The first time I wore it three different people commented on it. It's incredibly unique. It's pretty and eye-catching enough to wear in the evening and simple enough that I wouldn't have any qualms about wearing it to work. Both the pendant and the chain feel incredibly sturdy, and the quality is excellent. It's a wonderful piece and I'm incredibly pleased with it.

You can find The Black Cat Jewellery Store website here, as well as on Facebook and Twitter.

Have you bought anything from The Black Cat Jewellery Store?

Disclosure: I bought this myself.


  1. It's so beautiful, dark and dainty, Claire!

    1. Dainty is the perfect word to describe it! Sometimes it's nice to wear something simple (but beautiful).

  2. That's a really unique and stunning pentagram necklace. Gorgeous =]

    1. It's really beautiful. It's one of the more simpler necklaces I own but one of the nicest!

  3. Oh wow I love that! So beautiful :D


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