Sunday, 23 March 2014

The Furry Friend Tag

It has been a really long time since I attempted any tag posts hasn't it? I came across this one on Nuala's blog (her cat Billie is cute beyond words), and I couldn't resist an opportunity for more cat photos. Figgy has actually been ours for a whole year on April 1st. I can't believe how fast the time has gone!

1. What is your pets name? 

My cat is named Figgy.

2. When did you get Figgy?

We adopted Figgy from the RSPCA last year, when she was three years old.

3. What is something that Figgy does that annoys you?

Most of Figgy's annoying traits are actually quite endearing! She meows constantly in the morning, and that can start to irritate me, especially at six in the morning when I'm trying to stop her from waking up my sister. She is very loud for such a small cat! She also chews/plays with everything, and I caught her trying to eat my dissertation notes. Luckily she had only torn off a corner before I caught her!

4. What type of breed is Figgy?

Figgy is a semi long-haired black cat.

5. Has Figgy ever had a near death experience?

Fortunately not! Because Thomasina was so sick before she passed away, I worry about Figgy all the time. She was a stray before she belonged to us, which is all I can think of for this question! She was also abused either by her last owners or when she was a stray, so she had a lucky escape! I'm very grateful to the RSPCA for finding her and taking care of her. She hasn't been sick while she has lived with us, luckily.

6. Does Figgy know any tricks?

She sits down on command. I often find her sat down in front of the cupboard where we keep her treats in the hope that I give her some for sitting down!

7. Does Figgy like to snuggle?

She loves fuss, and craves attention all the time. If I'm not stroking her she'll rub her head along my hands until I start! She snuggles on my lap sometimes but she'd rather sit next to me so she can nudge me when I stop fussing her. I've never met a cat as fussy as her. Thomasina loved to be cuddled but Figgy is definitely more forceful when it comes to getting attention!

8. Where did you get Figgy?

We adopted Figgy from the RSPCA, the same place we adopted Thomasina fourteen years before. We went and saw her on the Sunday, and collected her on the Monday. She was hiding underneath a blanket at first, but came out and climbed onto the lap of a volunteer for a brush. When she saw us watching her she ran out to us for attention and we knew she was meant to be ours.

9. Does Figgy get along with other cats?

She does! If we had a larger house we would probably adopt a friend for Figgy as I think she gets quite lonely sometimes. She likes dogs too. She tries to play with the other cats on my road and always looks shocked when they hiss at her!

10. Does Figgy get along with strangers? 

Absolutely. She presumes that anybody who comes into my house is there to see her. We have to warn people before they sit down that Figgy will jump on them for fuss. She often runs to the door whenever she hears the doorbell just in case we have visitors!

11. How much does Figgy weigh?

I have no idea. She is due for a check-up at the vet next week so we'll find out then! She looks a healthy weight to me.

12. Do you ever dress Figgy up?

Absolutely not. 

13. Has Figgy ever tried to run away?

No, never. She vanished and went exploring for a few hours when we'd only had her for a few months and she didn't know the area, which scared me. Fortunately she came back and doesn't tend to go far when she does go out, she sticks to our garden. She is allowed out and has access to the garden through her cat flap.

14. How did you come up with Figgy's name?

Figgy is the name she was given at the RSPCA. We'd thought of a few names before we went to collect her, but it was just so perfect for her that we couldn't possibly have changed it. 

15. How much does Figgy mean to you on a scale of 1-10?

10, of course.

Please let me know if you've completed this tag! I hope you all have a wonderful week. 


  1. Aww Figgy is so adorable love seeing pictures of her! Sounds like she'd get on with Billie who thinks everyone is her friend too :) xxx

    1. Thank you! From what I've heard about Billie I think they would definitely get along! Even when the other cats hiss at her Figgy still follows them everywhere hoping to be friends.

  2. Figgy is beautiful. She reminds me a lot of our kitty Salem who passed away just over a year ago. We have a kitty that likes to wake everyone up around 6am too! She has the longest loudest meow I have come across

    1. Thank you lovely! I'm sorry to hear about your kitty. Haha the 6am wake up call isn't so bad for me as that is around the time that I have to be up for uni, but I think everyone else could do without it! As soon as she succeeds in waking everyone up she goes back to bed and goes to sleep!

  3. so cute! they should be more cat blogs in the world!x

  4. Ah, what a cutie!
    These pics totally made me smile:)



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