Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Twenty One

This post contains images from the Harry Potter Studio Tour. If you are thinking of going on the tour and want it to be a surprise, do not scroll down.

I celebrated my twenty first birthday on February 8th, and I thought it was about time that I posted an incredibly overdue blog post about it.

My favourite gift on the day was this Alice in Wonderland cup from my sister, which is absolutely wonderful! I'm a little scared to use it just in case I ruin it, or break it. I was very surprised to say the very least.

My parents bought me this beautiful ring a couple of weeks after as I had to get it sized down to fit me. It has a certain Elvish quality to it and I adore it. I've never owned a ring that fits me before (all my Alchemy Gothic rings slide off) so I've been wearing this everyday since I was given it.

We also used my birthday as an excuse to go back to the Harry Potter Studio Tour last weekend. We went last October and we were itching to go back. I think it definitely requires a second visit, and luckily for me I have family who live close by. We noticed a lot more this time and we were there for a whole hour longer! It was Animal Actors week so we met Fang, Crookshanks, Trevor and Hedwig. I would love to go back to see the Christmas theme one day!

I posted here about my first visit to the Studio Tour if you are curious and want to see more photos, but I thought I'd share a collage of my favourite part of the tour, which is Diagon Alley!

Since it was a birthday trip, I bought a few things from the shop at the tour. I bought a wand last time, so this time I bought Crookshanks (you are never too old for stuffed animals, or at least that is what I am telling myself!), a chocolate frog and a Slytherin scarf and brooch (I was sorted into Slytherin on Pottermore, as was my sister!). I was debating buying Bellatrix's Death Eater mask pendant from the shop but it was incredibly expensive and decided against it. When I got home I looked it up online and found it for nearly half the price! It came on a black cord that wouldn't keep its shape (and was too long for me) so I've put it on a chain from one of my other necklaces until I get around to buying a separate chain for it.

I hope you are all having a wonderful week. Mine has been a little stressful so far with expensive dental appointments, assignment feedback and a lot of university work. I am very ready for the weekend!

Have you been doing anything interesting lately?

Sunday, 16 February 2014

A Figgy Update

I posted a month after we bought Figgy home with an update on her progress in her new home. I thought you all might like to see another update since she has now belonged to us for 10 months. I really want to document her progress on here so that I can look back over it in the years to come.

For new followers or those of you that haven't seen my earlier posts, you can find Figgy's adoption post here and her one month update here. A few of my friends often ask me questions about what having a rescue cat means I hope Figgy's updates are helpful in that regard. If not, you can't say no to cat photos!

We have now had Figgy for nearly eleven months. I think she has gone through the biggest change in her behaviour in the last few months. She is no longer scared of anything except the vacuum cleaner (she has recently become accustomed to the hair dryer) and has become a very confident little cat. She presumes that anybody who walks into my house is there to see her, and dives on them for a cuddle as soon as they sit down. I'm debating buying a warning sign to put on my door for people who don't like cats, because she really doesn't give you a choice!

She still thinks that she is a dog. She sits down on command for treats, runs to the door when she hears someone walking up the path, sleeps in a dog bed and loves water. We buy her these chewy cat sticks to eat as a treat and she always running around with them in her mouth. Whenever it rains she heads straight for her cat flap and out into the garden and sits in the rain until we notice and fetch her back inside.  I'm a little sad that it hasn't snowed so far this year because I would love to see her reaction. Strangely, whenever she goes to the cattery she seems to learn something new about being a cat. The first time she went she came back knowing how to groom which she wasn't doing previously. The second time she discovered that curling up in a ball instead of sprawling across the floor (which she still prefers) is actually quite comfortable. 

Some of you may remember that in my last post I mentioned that she had been abused in her last home. She has scars under her chin and a bit of a flat foot according to the vet, and we presume that this is from being kicked. I hope that karma doesn't waste time in biting the people who hurt her. It makes seeing her happy and confident all the more wonderful.

Figgy has access to the garden through her cat flap, but she doesn't seem overly fond of the outside which I think implies that she used to be a house cat. She likes our little garden and loves birds. She never goes after them, she just sits on the patio next to them meowing at them. It's really odd. We actually have birds coming into our garden all the time now. Thomasina was a hunter and they knew to avoid our garden, but now we have Figgy they seem to know that it is safe. Her particular favourite is a big pigeon who visits every morning. A few months ago he was in the garden next door and she got stuck in the fence trying to get over to see him.

See what I mean? This was her third attempt at getting over and her third time getting stuck.
The only part of Figgy's behaviour that needs work is her excitement in the morning. I can't quite describe the scale of it. She is very noisy. She likes the whole house to be up. Once this happens, she goes back to bed. It's constant meowing, and it drives me a bit mad when I'm up for university at six in the morning and trying to stop her from waking up my sister. She usually calms down when my sister gets up. It's odd, because Fi doesn't feed her or play with her, but Figgy is obsessed and follows her absolutely everywhere. She's her favourite! A few weeks ago she was so excited to see Fi that she fell off my bed. 

She's a very playful little cat. She loves toys and her favourite is a little red ball. She has some really weird quirks, such as eating paper (she was genuinely trying to eat my dissertation yesterday). She is a wonderful little cat, even if she is a little noisy! 

This post ended up a lot longer than I was planning! Let me know if you like these updates and I'll continue to post them.

Monday, 10 February 2014

Pentagram Pendant from The Black Cat Jewellery Store

I don't feature nearly enough small businesses on this blog for my liking. There's always something special about buying from smaller businesses and individuals compared with buying from larger companies and brands. You know a lot of hard work has gone into what you are buying and I've often found that the quality is superior to larger brands. And so today's post features a beautiful pendant necklace that I recently bought from Anna at The Black Cat Jewellery Store.

I've been following Anna on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for quite some time now, and she's a genuinely lovely person, with an adorable black cat (I'm always slightly biased towards people with similar pets to me).You all probably know by now that I adore more unique pieces of jewellery and when I saw on Facebook that Anna was making these, I simply couldn't resist.

The necklace cost £14.50 with free UK postage. I had the choice between a chain and a black suede necklace, and I chose a chain. I was astounded at how quickly it arrived; from what I saw on Facebook these were incredibly popular so I presumed it would take a long time to make, but it arrived within days.

The pendant features a silver wire pentagram against five black onyx beads. There's several different colour combinations available, but I think the black and silver is definitely the most striking.

The pendant is simple but beautiful. The first time I wore it three different people commented on it. It's incredibly unique. It's pretty and eye-catching enough to wear in the evening and simple enough that I wouldn't have any qualms about wearing it to work. Both the pendant and the chain feel incredibly sturdy, and the quality is excellent. It's a wonderful piece and I'm incredibly pleased with it.

You can find The Black Cat Jewellery Store website here, as well as on Facebook and Twitter.

Have you bought anything from The Black Cat Jewellery Store?

Disclosure: I bought this myself.
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