Saturday, 10 January 2015

Green Haematite & Tibetan Silver-Tone Stretch Bracelet from The Black Cat Jewellery Store

I hope you are all having a wonderful January. January is actually my least favourite month. For me it is always fraught with deadlines and assignments, and I am usually sad that the festive period is over. I thought I would take a short break from essay writing today and review one of my latest purchases from The Black Cat Jewellery Store. Some of you may recall that I reviewed their Haematite & Tibetan Silver Stretch Bracelet last year. I've worn my silver bracelet almost every day since I bought it, and I thought it would be nice to invest in another one. Since I starting dyeing my hair red I have found that I have a particular love for green jewellery, and thought it would be appropriate to own a bracelet to go with my green necklaces. I chose the Green Haematite & Tibetan Silver-Tone Stretch Bracelet. I cannot wear normal sized bracelets due to my incredibly small wrists, so Anna very kindly made me one to fit. I apologise for the photographs, I am aware that you can see my reflection!

The bracelet features green haematite beads combined with beautiful silver-toned beads, and a dangling leaf charm. I found it incredibly difficult to capture the tone of the haematite beads. The colour shifts constantly depending on the light. The beads flash from green to yellow and sometimes even to blue. They are a strikingly beautiful colour and it is such a shame that I couldn't quite capture it! It is incredibly eye-catching. The haematite beads almost having a glowing quality, they reflect the light beautifully. The leaf charm matches the bracelet perfectly; it reminds me of the L√≥rien brooches from The Lord of the Rings.

The bracelet feels incredibly sturdy, and is very well made. The leaf charm is integrated into the bracelet beautifully, and the green of the haematite complements the silver beads perfectly. I imagine that these bracelets would be very hard to break!

Overall, this is a beautiful bracelet, and I do not have any complaints. My mum has already been hinting that she would like one of these for her birthday (which isn't until May!) so I will probably end up ordering another one! It complements my green necklaces wonderfully, and I adore the way it catches the light. It is a truly unique bracelet, and perfect for spring. 

This bracelet costs £16.50 and can be purchased from The Black Cat Jewellery Store.

Have you purchased any jewellery recently?

Disclosure: I bought this bracelet myself.


  1. That is absolutely beautiful. As a fellow redhead I also have a passion for green (particularly coats, I've worn my green velvet monsoon winter coat to shreds, I love it so much). My husband bought me green amber earrings for our wedding anniversary last Halloween, from W. Hamond of Whitby - they are set in an unusual silver base and I love them - I should probably do a picture of them on my blog. My weakness is amber, the same shop does small fitting amber bead bracelets and I have several - like you I have small wrists and find buying bracelets a bit of a problem.

    1. I've been searching for the perfect green coat for so long! I have always adored green but it just looks perfect with red hair. The earrings sound absolutely wonderful, I would love to see some photos! I would love to have regular sized wrists so I could go out and buy bracelets, my local jewellers do alterations but they seem to cost more than the bracelets themselves!


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