Wednesday, 29 July 2015

The Eclipse Necklace and the Obey and Queen of Hearts Rings from The Rogue and The Wolf

Some of you may recall that I recently purchased the Eclipse necklace and the Occult ring from The Rogue and The Wolf (you can read my review of those here). I loved both of the pieces I ordered, and I was itching to order a few more. I found a discount code for Attitude Clothing recently so I purchased the Eclipse necklace in matte black from there, and I ordered the Obey and the Queen of Hearts rings from The Gothic Shop.

I adore my Eclipse necklace in 'Old Steel', and I thought the black matte necklace would be wonderful for occasions where I do not want to wear anything too elaborate. It is the same design as my Old Steel necklace but omits the rose quartz stone and is made from soft, matte black material. The material is quite difficult to describe. It is soft without feeling flimsy, and it is incredibly light. The quality still feels excellent and I'm not concerned about it being damaged. According to the website the black pieces are 3D printed in polyamide plastic.

The Eclipse necklace features a crescent moon placed horizontally on a gunmetal chain, with runes etched across the centre. It is really striking for such a simple piece, and rests perfectly at the base of my throat. It looks wonderful as a choker and can also be worn a little longer as a necklace. I love the design of this necklace. I would adore a silver version of this necklace with a black onyx stone. I apologise for the poor quality of photo of this necklace, my camera wouldn't focus on it so I used my phone. I will try and upload a photo of me wearing it to my Instagram at some point this weekend so you can actually see what it looks like.

After buying the Occult midi ring, I decided to purchase a couple of their other rings. I have really tiny fingers so I find buying rings quite difficult, but their midi rings fit my fingers perfectly. I purchased the Obey midi ring in a size 4, which I wear on my third finger, and the Queen of Hearts ring in a UK size 6. The Queen of Hearts ring was a little too big, so I cut it and glued it (albeit poorly), which is why it looks a little odd on these photos! You can't tell that I adjusted it when it is on. The Rogue and The Wolf do offer an excellent custom size service (I own the Queen of Hearts ring in Old Steel in a size 4.5 because of this) but I since it only needed to be a little smaller I didn't think it was worth it for a matte black piece.

The Obey ring features three thorns to wind around your finger. It also features two ring bands at the back for extra support. It is intended to be worn as a knuckle ring, but it fits at the bottom of my third finger perfectly, with the thorns almost meeting in the centre. The Queen of Hearts ring complements this ring perfectly, and features a crown adorned with hearts. The detail on this ring is intricate and delicate. It's beautiful. Both of these rings are dark and edgy, but retain a certain sense of elegance. I posted a photo of both of these rings on Instagram and one lady commented that they reminded her of Game of Thrones, which I think is incredibly true! They can look sophisticated and dainty but also dark and striking. 

I am incredibly pleased with all of these pieces, and they look excellent when worn together. These rings are also a lot cheaper than their Old Steel counterparts so I highly recommend investing in one if you are curious about their designs but want something more affordable. I also purchased the Queen of Hearts and the Priestess rings in Old Steel during one of their sales a month or so ago which I will review separately.

The Eclipse Necklace costs £12.00 from The Rogue and The Wolf website. I purchased mine from Attitude Clothing.

The Obey ring costs £10.00 from The Rogue and The Wolf website. I purchased mine from The Gothic Shop here. The Queen of Hearts ring costs £8.00 and can be found on The Rogue and The Wolf website here and from The Gothic Shop here. You can use the discount code FBKNAV to get 10% off your order from The Gothic Shop.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! I'm heading to Surrey to visit my family tomorrow, so I'm hoping for sunshine! I also get to meet my aunt's new puppy which I'm so excited about! I'll post some photos of my visit next week so you can expect lots of puppy pictures! Are you planning anything interesting for the weekend?

Disclaimer: I purchased these pieces myself. I'm part of The Gothic Shop's affiliate scheme, but this does not affect my opinion whatsoever.


  1. I am dying to get my hands on one of those necklaces!

  2. You were faster than me! Due to my move I'll have to wait a little longer before buying my old steel version...

  3. Love your nails in that last picture! Funnily enough the website had a sale over the weekend, I shouldn't have, but I ended up picking up the old steel necklace but with the yellow/green pendant. Really want to get my hands on some of the rings too but it'll have to wait until a time I can afford to spend more money lol xD


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