Friday, 21 August 2015

Blood Milk Lunar Oracle Mini Moon Phase Planchette Necklace

Hello again! I'm currently editing blog posts to take a break from my university work, so I thought I would get another post published for this week. Sorting through posts is a good way for me to relax because it is easier to start writing again once I've finished. If I go and read a book or make something to eat I tend to get distracted, whereas I find that I can jump from blogging to university work quite easily! I'm getting really close to the end of my dissertation now. The end is certainly in sight! I'm planning on writing another post about my experience as a postgraduate (I did this for for my undergraduate degree here) which I'll write in a few weeks' time.

I know I have been posting quite a few jewellery reviews recently, but I thought I would post one very overdue one for this week. I ended up quite behind on my posts a few months ago due to university work and other commitments, so I'm still working my way through them! I thought this one was too beautiful not to share.

A lovely lady named Anne contacted me a few months ago to enquire whether or not I would be interested in purchasing her Blood Milk Mini Lunar Oracle Moon Phase Planchette necklace for a fraction of the selling price. She purchased it a few years ago and unfortunately found that it did not suit her and was hoping to find a new home for it. As you can imagine, I was delighted! I adore Blood Milk but shopping costs and customs are incredibly expensive. I purchased the Belonging to the Darkness ring last year (you can find that post here) to celebrate completing my undergraduate degree and I have been lusting after another piece ever since. 

The planchette is cast in sterling silver and is engraved with the transforming moon. The size is perfect for me; the regular would have definitely been too large. It's perfect to wear alone or for layering. The little circular glass window is my favourite part of this piece. It gives it an ethereal and otherworldly quality, and it reflects the light wonderfully.

This has already become my favourite necklace. It's dramatic enough to make a simple outfit interesting, but it's also simple enough to wear to university or for work. I always intended to purchase a planchette necklace, but I think it's especially lovely that it came to me from another home. I'm incredibly grateful that somebody would think of me when they were looking to rehome one of their jewels!

As always, I am already admiring other beautiful Blood Milk pieces to add to my little collection. At the moment I'm admiring the Belonging to the Underworld ring in the high polish finish, and the Endless Night Part II ring. I think I might have to save up and purchase another piece for completing my masters' degree!

This necklace is available from the Blood Milk website.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Candles from Luna's Locket

Hi everyone! I hope you are all having a wonderful week. I'm currently only a few weeks away from handing in my dissertation, but I thought I would take a break from university work and write up a rather overdue blog post. I feel like all of my blog posts have been about jewellery recently, so I thought I would share something else for a change. I would also like to apologise for neglecting my blog so much recently, my university work has been quite chaotic, and we're also having building work done on the house (I really do not recommend studying for your masters' degree while someone rips your house apart).

Anyway, I recently purchased three candles from Luna's Locket, which I discovered through Instagram. I purchased several Christmas Yankee Candles last November, and since I was still burning them in July, I thought it was time I purchased some new ones. My little sister was incredibly pleased about this, as she considers using anything Christmas related outside of November/December to be akin to blasphemy. In the end I chose a Dragon's Blood cauldron candle, and two jar candles in English Lavender and Moonlight. They are made from Soy Wax.

The Dragon's Blood candle is described as 'a warm woody earthy scent, set in base notes of asian florals and encased in top notes of amber, vanilla and sandalwood.' I really love the smell of Dragon's Blood. It always reminds me of wandering around old bookshops and occult shops. It's a warm, earthy and mysterious scent. It's musky but uplifting. It's set within a little cast iron cauldron. It's surprisingly heavy, and I think it looks wonderful on my desk. These candles burn clean, so I will eventually have a cute little usable cauldron once the candle has burned away. It burns for 70 hours.

The English Lavender candle is described as 'a relaxing fragrance of England's lavender fields, helping to ease away the stresses of life'. This is my favourite summer candle. It smells wonderful. Lavender is one of my favourite scents; I keep a bag of lavender underneath my pillow to help me sleep. I find that it always eases my worries and stops me from becoming overly stressed. My Nanna adored lavender too and always had scented sachets around her house, so I think it's a combination of the beautiful scent and the childhood nostalgia that always calms me down. I've been burning this candle a lot recently to combat my masters' degree stress, so it certainly works! This candle is beautifully scented. It's a strong scent without being too overpowering. I also love the light purple colour. Bree thought this candle smelled good enough to lick - I've actually had to move it up high even when it isn't lit so she won't go after it.

Moonlight is described as 'an enchanting blend of gardenia and white tiara flowers, with base notes of vanilla and honey.' This is quite an unusual scent. When I first smell this, I can definitely smell a beautiful floral scent, which changes to a deeper scent of flowers and smoke. The smoky quality to it makes it incredibly difficult to capture in words. It's smoky but with an undertone of sweetness. It reminds me of walking through gardens with bonfire smoke lingering in the air. It sounds really odd, but I promise it is lovely! It's a perfect autumn and winter candle. It's a cosy scent.

The wax in both the jar candles and the cauldron candles burns clean, so these jars are reusable. The jar candles burn for 50 hours, which I think is really impressive for such a little candle! All of these candles have a great scent throw. I can always smell them in the next room when I'm burning them, but it's a subtle rather than overpowering scent.

I am incredibly pleased with all of these candles. I am most likely going to invest in an English Lavender cauldron candle at some point since it is so lovely! I'm also incredibly tempted and intrigued by her range of therapy candles, but I am going to try and use these up first.

The jar candles cost £6 and can be purchased from the Luna's Locket website. I can't find the English Lavender jar candle online, but the Moonlight one is available here. The Dragon's Blood cauldron candle costs £20 is available here.

I hope you are all having a wonderful week!

Disclosure: I bought these candles myself.

Monday, 3 August 2015

Sunshine and Puppy Pandemonium

How is it August already? It feels like Christmas was only a couple of months ago, and we're somehow nearing the end of summer. August is going to be a very busy month for me as my dissertation is due in on September 5th, and I also have my driving theory test and job applications to organise. I am glad that autumn is just around the corner.

July was quite an interesting month for me. I'm only going to share a few photos as I took quite a few last month! At the beginning of July I decided to take Bree for a walk at Elvaston Castle, which is one of my favourite places. Bree loves it. It was incredibly hot, so we had a slow walk around the woodland.

Last weekend we took Bree for an overdue visit to see my aunt and uncle in Surrey. They recently adopted a little Scottie and Westie cross named Fergus, who is sixteen weeks old. We were concerned that they wouldn't get along, but they adored each other. They loved playing tug and sitting in the sunshine together. We're spending Christmas with them so it will be interesting to see how big he is when we go back! It was a lovely weekend. It was warm and sunny, so we had a wonderful time. We didn't visit too many places, but we took the puppies on a few short walks in a local woodland area. It was surprisingly beautiful, and quite eerie in a serene way at night.

As always, I also went book shopping. My little sister volunteers in a secondhand bookshop, and I bought six books when I went in to visit her. It's a wonderful little shop, and I always find something I like in there.

I also bought two more books on my visit to Surrey. One of my lecturers recommended Wolf Hall to me and at £1.49, I thought it would be silly to leave it behind! I also bought This House is Haunted by John Boyne. I've heard quite a bit about it and I cannot wait to start reading it. I want to start posting book reviews again so I'll try and review it when I finally get around to reading it.

I hope you all had an enjoyable July. I cannot wait until we finally reach autumn. Time seems to have just been slipping through my fingers recently; it will be winter again before we know it! Autumn is my favourite season so I'm not particularly disappointed to see the summer months flying by.

Did you do anything interesting in July?
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