Monday, 26 October 2015

Autumn Days.

I hope you all having a wonderful start to the week. I'm currently enjoying a very busy couple of the weeks, which I love. It sounds peculiar, but I really do thrive on being busy. October is my second favourite month, and I tend to find that I am so much happier in the autumn months. The days are slowly getting darker, and there is nothing I adore more than curling up with a book and a warm drink on a chilly autumn evening. Last Thursday was my most anticipated autumn day so far. I travelled to Leeds to meet a couple of lovely ladies from Instagram and to explore the beautiful Harewood House. I apologise for the quality of some of these photos; my camera is still struggling to focus.

The house was truly spectacular. I wish I had been able to capture it through my photos, but it just wasn't possible. I loved the two libraries in particular. The level of detail was astounding, and I could have quite happily curled up in there with a book all day. The house was very quiet and peaceful. The views overlooking the gardens were especially magnificent.

The house is also home to a bird garden and a variety of other beautiful gardens, complete with fountains and beautiful red ivy. There is also a cute little tearoom (with delicious food) and a gift shop. There is also a bookshop, but it was sadly closed. I ought to be thankful as this prevented me from attempting to bring as many books as possible home with me on the train. The bird garden was really interesting. It did seem a little odd to see penguins in the grounds of a beautiful house though!

Before we headed back to the train station, we decided to explore the little church nestled in the grounds of Harewood House. It was empty, so we took a peek inside. I am not religious, but I've always found churches to have a serene quality. This church was small and quiet, and very beautiful. It also had quite an old and interesting graveyard hidden around the back. It is such a beautiful little church.

I cannot put into words how much of an enjoyable day I had. It was so nice to spend the day which such lovely people and to explore such a beautiful house. We actually ran out of time and were not able to fully explore the gardens, so I think a trip back would in the future would be wonderful. It really is a magnificent place to visit, and I highly recommend it if you are considering visiting!

I hope you all having an enjoyable October. I cannot believe that Halloween is only a week away! This year has flown by. I'm looking forward to seeing what the final two months of the year bring. Autumn always leaves me feeling refreshed and excited for the rest of the year.

Have you visited anywhere interesting this October?


  1. What a breathtaking house! I have never seen a pink room I liked until now! It is just so beautiful! And how funny to see penguins there!

    1. The penguins were quite odd! You could have tea outside the house and look at the penguins. It would be great for people with children to keep them occupied though! I don't usually like pink rooms either, but it was so tasteful!

  2. The house is truly spectacular! So many details to ponder upon in your photos! <3
    I wish for nothing else this Autumn, than to curl up in warm blankets and enjoy sitting around at home with a book and hot chocolate... Unfortunately, my schedule won't allow it! :(

    1. It was lovely! My photos really struggle to capture just how beautiful it was!

      I'm sorry you haven't had time to curl up with a book this autumn! However, it means that when you do find time it will be even more relaxing and wonderful! I start my new job on Monday so I'm trying to make the most of having time free until then! I hope you find some time to relax soon.


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