Sunday, 4 October 2015

The Crypt of Curiosities

Hello again! I know I said that I would post something other than jewellery reviews, but this one has been floating around in my draft folder for so long that I thought I would finally edit the photos and get it posted.

The Crypt of Curiosities is one of my favourite small businesses to order from. I wear my other Crypt of Curiosities necklaces I own at least twice a week. Clare is one of the nicest people I have come across on Instagram, and her work is beautiful. I ordered a pair of earrings a few months ago and she very kindly included a necklace in my order. She recently released a new collection of black and white hand painted items titled 'Black No.1' and I couldn't resist ordering a new piece to add to my collection.

This necklace is from the new 'Black No. 1' collection. It features a black bat lined with white, with a heart cut out of the centre. It hangs on a black chain, which is adorned by two beads. It is a hand painted piece. I have never seen a design like this one before. It is a lovely piece. It hangs beautifully and is incredibly eye-catching. The paint work is neat and the black and white combination is incredibly striking. It is sophisticated whilst retaining an edgy aesthetic.

This necklace features a purple faceted stone wrapped in a detailed silver frame. Two little purple beads hang from the end of the silver chain. This piece is unbelievably beautiful. It's stunning. The purple glass stone sparkles in sunlight, and the silver detailing on the necklace is delicate and intricate. This is one of my favourite necklaces in my collection. It's dainty yet striking. It is just the right size, and complements a pair of dramatic earrings wonderfully. It suits both formal and casual occasions. It was incredibly difficult to photograph, and none of my photos do it justice. It is too beautiful to truly capture.

I also ordered a pair of the ankh dangle earrings. They feature a little ankh cross suspended from an elegant silver connector and framed by a delicate silver chain. They are incredibly elegant, and for such detailed earrings are not at all heavy. They are comfortable to wear and look especially striking when accompanied by an eye-catching necklace. Most long earrings get lost in my thick hair, but these stand out beautifully. I may end up wearing these for my graduation. I have not managed to find a way to wear these to casual events yet, but they are wonderful when paired with a formal outfit. They have definitely filled a gap in my collection of earrings!

I'm incredibly pleased with all of these pieces. The purple necklace in particular has become a favourite in my jewellery collection. All of these items arrived incredibly quickly and were beautifully and carefully packaged. As always, the quality is wonderful for such affordable pieces.  I adore the necklaces from The Crypt of Curiosities as they all fit my petite frame without needing to be adjusted. They are all the perfect size. All of these pieces are affordable, and would make wonderful *whispers* Christmas presents.

The bat and heart necklace costs £9.00 and can be purchased here. The ankh earrings also cost £9.00 and can be purchased here. The purple necklace is not currently available but I will update this post if it comes into stock again.

I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend!

Disclosure: I purchased the bat necklace and the earrings myself. The purple necklace was included in my order when I purchased the earrings.


  1. I love Claire's jewelry and own several pieces myself. The quality is amazing and they are very unique!


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