Thursday, 26 March 2015

Eclipse Necklace and Occult Midi Ring from The Rogue and The Wolf

I hope you are all having a wonderful week! I have a few jewellery reviews to post, and I thought I would begin with two lovely items from The Rogue and The Wolf. I ordered the Occult ring just after my birthday in February, and I ordered the Eclipse necklace in rose quartz during their sale earlier this month.

I ordered the Occult ring in a US size 3 to begin with. My fingers are tiny, so I thought a midi ring would probably be the perfect size for me to wear normally. It was a little too small to wear as an ordinary ring, and too large to wear as a midi ring, so I exchanged it for a US size 4. They responded to my email and exchanged my ring incredibly swiftly. The US size 4 is perfect. I tend to wear it on my third finger as I think it looks lovely on a longer finger.

The Occult ring features a crescent moon with a black lip pearl gemstone in the centre. It is also includes a double band, so it feels incredibly sturdy. The stone fits the crescent moon design perfectly. I adore the length of the ring; it's quite unusual and it is incredibly striking.

I also bought the Eclipse necklace in rose quartz. I very nearly bought it in green amber, but I thought the rose quartz looked softer and a little more elegant.

The focus on my camera has broken so I apologise for the poor quality photo here!

The Eclipse necklace features a crescent moon engraved with the moon phase and runes, and adorned with a rose quartz stone. This has quickly become one of my favourite necklaces. It is elegant, edgy and beautiful. I can wear it to university or out for dinner. It's suitable for all occasions. I had been searching for some simpler pieces to wear for university or for work, and this fits nicely. It's also the perfect length for me.  It is a pity that the stone doesn't have a little more colour, as it is almost clear in daylight.

I am incredibly pleased with both of my pieces. It is a shame that VAT and postage are so expensive (postage is £6 for the UK and VAT added another £7.20 I believe) but these really are lovely pieces, and they complement each other beautifully. It is something to be aware of when ordering, however. They do also offer a Style Points scheme, which you can collect and redeem to reduce the cost of your order.

The Occult ring costs £30.00 and the Eclipse necklace in rose quartz necklace costs £45.00. They seem to have sales on frequently which are worth looking out for!

I purchased these pieces from The Rogue and The Wolf website.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Disclaimer: I bought these myself.

Saturday, 21 March 2015

New Adventures in Familiar Places

How is it spring already? I feel like I have slept through February and March. Wasn't it Christmas last week? We are moving through this year incredibly quickly. My time is currently occupied by university work. I have three deadlines in May, and I need to hand in my dissertation proposal next week. I cannot believe that I have almost completed my taught modules. I am going to be graduating again before I know it! The only problem with having so much work to do is that I have been feeling a little trapped in the house. I spend most of my time reading or writing, which I enjoy, but not being able to go out has been a little draining. So when I was feeling a little stressed this morning I thought it would be nice to go and walk Bree somewhere different.

I have been visiting Elvaston Castle since I was a little girl. I have lots of happy memories at Elvaston, as I used to visit with my parents and my grandparents. My Nanna in particular adored visiting, and I always miss her when I'm walking around the gardens. It is a place that never fails to make me feel better when I am feeling tense.

Bree is now six months old, and it was her first time visiting. She loved it. She had a wonderful time exploring and playing with several other puppies. She's actually fast asleep next to me as I'm writing this, so she is quite worn out! I had to drag her over to the car to get her to go (I have the only puppy in the world who would rather stay in bed than go on a walk) but she really enjoyed it. I think it is her favourite place so far as she didn't want to leave! One of the best things about having a dog is that you do not notice how far you have walked. I also followed Bree into a woodland area and ended up in a place that I had previously missed. I think it is wonderful that you can visit somewhere for twenty two years and still have new things to discover! Sadly the castle was once again covered in scaffolding so I have no photos of it. Hopefully the work will be completed in summer so I can go back and take more photos! I have really been enjoying looking at black and white photos recently, and I think there's a strange kind of beauty to pictures without colour. All of these were taken on my phone; I find my camera too bulky when I am walking Bree.

I had never seen the building above before. It was incredibly beautiful, and I would love to know what it was used for. I would also love to peek inside! It has been a lovely day. Sometimes it is incredibly nice to take a break from mundane activities.

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick in Love Liberty

It has been quite some time since I last reviewed any beauty products hasn't it? At the moment most of my beauty purchases are repurchases, so I have often reviewed them before. However, I did purchase one high end lipstick just after my birthday in February. I had been hearing a lot about Charlotte Tilbury products before I purchased this lipstick. I did not consider buying any of her products at first, but since I had some birthday money left over, I decided to invest in a lipstick. I have really been liking matte lipsticks recently, so I chose the Matte Revolution Lipstick in the shade Love Liberty. I was very tempted by Glastonberry, but I decided that I would probably get more use out of Love Liberty, as I already have so many dark berry lip colours.

Firstly, the packaging looks spectacular. It's beautiful. It arrived in a box that was far too big for just one lipstick, but it was beautifully packaged in purple paper. I am guaranteed to like anything if it arrives in purple packaging! I also adore the rose gold bullet, but it is surprisingly light in comparison to my two YSL lipsticks. It isn't weighty. It looks beautiful, but I really did not expect it to be so light! I also love the square bullet, which I find allows for a much easier application. Sadly, the focus on my camera has broken so the lip swatch was taken on my phone, which is why the quality is so poor!

Love Liberty is a beautiful light berry. I adore the colour. It isn't so dark that it is unwearable, but it is an intriguing and eye-catching colour nevertheless. It's very elegant, and is suitable to be worn for both formal occasions and for casual everyday situations. On application it feels extraordinarily creamy for a matte lipstick, and applies smoothly. The pigmentation is excellent, it is opaque in a couple of swipes of the tube. I do find that it is a little drying over time, and does slightly enhance the dry areas on my lips, so I would recommend using a scrub and a balm beforehand (my lips are naturally extremely dry so this problem may be isolated to me). However, it is a lot more moisturising and comfortable than most of the matte lipsticks I have tried, and the colour is just beautiful. It also doesn't look as 'flat' as most matte lipsticks.  According to the box, it has pigments to give a glowing look, and it certainly gives the lipstick a fuller appearance. I adore the finish. In regards to wear time, it lasted around five hours on me, but faded considerably after a meal. It also fades very evenly, so it wasn't too noticeable. 

The biggest problem for me is the price. At £23, it certainly isn't cheap. However, I do love the colour and the finish is lovely. I doubt that I will be purchasing another shade because they are so expensive, but I am pleased that I own this one.

I purchased this lipstick from the Charlotte Tilbury website.

Have you tried any Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks?

Disclosure: I bought this lipstick myself.
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