Thursday, 21 January 2016

Keepers of the Tyrian Necklace by Alchemy Gothic

It has been a long time since I posted an Alchemy Gothic review hasn't it? I've been trying to be good recently and only buy jewellery that I will wear frequently and pieces that are different from the rest of my collection. This has been rather difficult as I have no self restraint. I've also been lusting after the La Belle Espirit necklace too, but I've been trying to convince myself that it is a little too expensive. It is my birthday soon though so I might have to give in!

I first saw the Keepers of the Tyrian necklace online, and I skipped past it without a second glance. However, I loved it when I saw it in person when I visited Manchester for the day and I finally bought it a couple of weeks ago from The Gothic Shop.

I really struggled to photograph this necklace. It has an unusual shape and I had to prop it up on a box to stop it from falling over, so I apologise for the photos in this post!

The Keepers of the Tyrian necklace features a purple glass sphere enclosed within a heart pendant decorated with skulls and intricate swirls. A purple teardrop hangs from the bottom of the pendant. A matching purple teardrop links the pendant to the chain and complements the colour of the enclosed glass sphere perfectly.

The skulls wrapped around the pendant are incredibly detailed. They are all very distinctive, and the swirls in the heart design give the illusion of the skulls rising from the bottom of the necklace to protect the sphere within. This gives the necklace a beautiful ethereal quality. I usually do not like skull necklaces, but this one is surprisingly elegant. I also love that you can only just see the purple sphere hidden inside. It's a small but effective little detail, and it gives the necklace an intriguing sense of depth and mystery.

The pendant hangs on a very long 32" chain. It hangs really low on me, so I adjusted the chain so I could wear it as a normal necklace. I don't really like the way it looks on a longer chain, but I think it looks wonderful as an ordinary necklace. You can't really see the details when you wear it with the longer chain.

This is a beautiful piece. The stones are the perfect shade of purple, and they shine and sparkle in sunlight. The purple seems to change depending on the light; it appears muted and more of a lighter tone in the shade but strangely seems to deepen in bright light. I don't own many purple necklaces, so I adore this one. It's rather dainty and elegant, which is surprising. It also isn't as overbearing as some Alchemy Gothic pieces. It's just the right size for me and sits perfectly on a shorter chain.

I'm very pleased with this necklace. It's understated compared to some of my Alchemy Gothic necklaces but it's beautiful and elegant regardless.

This necklace costs £29.95 and can be purchased from The Gothic Shop.

Have you bought anything interesting recently?

Disclosure: I bought this necklace myself.
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