Friday, 11 March 2016


It's finally March! I have always loved winter but I am ready for Spring. I'm looking forward to light evenings and sunshine.

I thought I would post a little update for February, albeit late. It has been quite some time since I posted a monthly update. January was rather uneventful but I have a few pictures to post for February.

Overall, February was slow but not too bad. January is my least favourite month so I'm always pleased when it is over. One of my favourite days in February was my visit to Newstead Abbey. We walked around the house but only spent a few minutes in the grounds because it was freezing! I would like to go back again in summer. I haven't shared many pictures because I've posted about Newstead Abbey twice now (here and here) and I didn't want to repeat too many pictures!

It was a lovely day. Newstead Abbey is one of my favourite places and I always enjoying visiting. I would like to go back and explore the gardens again.

Of course, most of my day trips were actually dog walks. I love walking Bree. She gives me a reason to get outside when I would rather be curled up in bed, and I like the exercise.


I'm also hoping to write more blog posts now March is here. I always feel a little more inspired when spring arrives. I did write a review of the Crimson Peak novelisation for Altvenger Magazine, which you can read here if you are interested!

I apologise for how sparse this update is. I'm hoping to have more review posted soon, and I might start writing some short reviews. I'm also hoping to organise more day trips once the weather picks up. I'm definitely excited for spring!

Did you do anything nice in February?


  1. Your dog is so cute! Newstead Abbey really does look amazing and I would like to visit one day, especially given the Byron connection!

    1. Thank you! The Byron collection is one of my favourite parts of Newstead Abbey. It's definitely worth a visit if you ever get the chance!

  2. Bree is just adorable. Where did her name come from - whenever I think of Bree, I think of one of the horses in CS Lewis' The Horse and His Boy?

    February - I wrote a PhD proposal so fingers crossed it gets accepted or I have no idea what I'm going to do with the next 3 years of my life!!! I also visited Newcastle's cathedral, which is small but perfectly formed and has some lovely memorials. I should follow your lead and post about it - I'm contributing copy to an e-book on the city in World War 1 and had to write about them - something else I should post about!

    Now I'm looking forward to reading some books and enjoying spring, one of my favourite times of year.

    1. Thank you! She is named after the town in The Lord of the Rings. I do love The Horse and His Boy too though!

      I'll keep my fingers crossed for you! I love to go back to university too. I work at my old university at the moment and I really miss studying there. You should definitely post about Newcastle's cathedral. I've only been to Newcastle once and it unfortunately rained the entire weekend so I feel like I missed most of it!

    2. Ah! Of course that's where Bree is from! Where the hobbits meet Aragorn.

      Yes, it does have a tendency to rain in Newcastle, and be a little foggy and cold. It looks quite grey and austere when that happens, so you probably didn't see it at its best. I do love it though one day I will move to Whitby :)


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