Saturday, 27 August 2016

Nag Champa and Sleep Easy Candles by Luna's Locket

I've always loved candles. I love lighting a candle and curling up with a book and a mug of hot chocolate (especially in the darker months) and I can never resist buying them when I come across a scent that I like. As I mentioned on my last post, I attended the Fairy Festival last weekend, and I couldn't resist buying a couple of Luna's Locket candles to add to my collection.

It was wonderful to be able to see the candles in person as it is always somewhat difficult to figure out certain scents when looking at them online. I had to restrain myself a bit as I could have easily purchased enough candles to last me for the next few years. I found so many new scents that I loved (the autumn candles in particular were very tempting) but in the end I decided on the Nag Champa candle and the Sleep Easy therapy candle.

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Labradorite Necklace by Sam Ryde

I hope you are all having a wonderful week. It has been very hot here and I'm very much looking forward to autumn. I apologise for my lack of activity on here recently; I've been rather busy but I'm hoping to get caught up on all of my draft blog posts soon.

A couple of weeks ago I attended the Fairy Festival in the New Forest. It was my first time attending (it's too far to go for the day from Nottingham so I stayed with family in Surrey and travelled by train) and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I was very lucky to attend as I was in Surrey anyway by coincidence. The weather was beautiful and the festival had a lovely atmosphere. The New Forest really is spectacular; I would love to spend a few days there exploring.

My favourite stall of the day was one shared by Luna's Locket and Sam Ryde. It was lovely to meet them and to see their jewellery and candles in person. It was somewhat difficult to control the urge to buy as many candles and necklaces as possible! In the end I purchased two candles from Luna's Locket (which I will review in a separate post) and a necklace from Sam Ryde. I chose a beautiful silver labradorite necklace.

I would also like to apologise for my obvious sunburn in the photo below. It was incredibly hot at the festival and I managed to burn both of my shoulders despite covering them up and wearing factor 50.

The necklace features a beautiful labradorite stone encased in a silver frame. Crescent moons adorn the bottom of the frame and the pendant hangs from a double hoop on a dark silver chain. I was also able to choose between a normal silver chain and a dark silver chain. I decided on the darker chain as I thought a regular silver chain would detract from the bright silver of the pendant. I think I made the right choice as the pendant really does stand out against the dark chain.

Labradorite is often used in healing, and is said to promote an awareness of psychic abilities. Furthermore, it is also used to ward against negativity and reduce stress. This is my first piece of labradorite jewellery and I adore it.

This really is a stunning necklace. It caught my attention immediately when I entered the tent, and I knew I couldn't possibly leave without it. The stone flashes from blue, to green and to purple, and contains a little hint of yellow in daylight. It's a mesmerising stone.

The necklace is incredibly well made. The silver is beautiful, and the detailing is just enough to complement the stone without detracting from its natural beauty. Likewise, the double hoop adds a subtle touch of elegance to the necklace. The stone has a very tiny scratch on the side, which oddly looks more apparent on photos than in person. This doesn't bother me as it is to be expected with crystal jewellery and I think it gives it a more natural appearance.

Overall, this is a truly stunning necklace and I'm incredibly glad that I was able to buy it. I think I would have regretted leaving it behind almost instantly if I had decided against it! It was a little expensive (which is to be expected with handmade jewellery) but it is worth it for the quality and the uniqueness of the jewellery. It's a necklace that I will treasure for years to come.

You can see all of the items that Sam Ryde has to offer on her website.

Disclosure: I bought this necklace myself.
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