Saturday, 31 December 2016

New Year's Resolutions 2017

2016 has gone by incredibly quickly. This year has been a varied one for me. I've had some good moments but generally it hasn't been the best year, which I think has been the case for a lot of people. I'm looking forward to drawing a line under 2016 and moving on to 2017 with a clean slate.

I'm continuing with my New Year's Eve tradition and posting my resolutions. As always, I try to keep mine somewhat achievable. Some are repeats from last year that didn't quite make it! In no particular order:

1. Travel.

I've always wanted to travel, but I was stuck in temporary work for nearly a year after I left university and I just couldn't afford it. I was made permanent in October and I can finally afford to go on holiday. I haven't been on holiday in years and it would be wonderful to go away. I've had a travel list since I was tiny and it would be lovely to start checking off a few places. For example, I've always wanted to go Iceland and it would be wonderful to start planning it. I would definitely be going alone though, so if anybody has any advice for travelling solo I'd appreciate it!

2. Stop obsessing over my mistakes.

I'm a perfectionist, and I find it difficult to admit when I have made a mistake. I will sit and obsess over every little mistake I make. I really need to start understanding that I do not need to be perfect all the time, and that making mistakes is ok.

3. Read more.

This is a bit of an odd one for me as I spent every spare moment I have reading. However, I'd like to start reading things outside my interests and actually start working through my book list instead of re-reading old favourites.

4. Find a better work/life balance.

Now that I have a permanent position I need to make sure that I use my weekends wisely so I enjoy the break. I need to find a balance between relaxing and getting out of the house to do something interesting. 

5. Blog more and find time to write.

I had this resolution last year. I've been busy adjusting to my new job and I've really neglected my blog. I'd like to dedicate at least one day a week to working through my draft posts. I have so many reviews to post!

6. Pass my driving test.

I passed my theory test last year and I still haven't passed my practical test. I became very ill just after passing my theory test last year and I didn't recover until January. This meant that I wasn't able to continue with my lessons. I've been desperately trying to find a new instructor (my last one did not make me feel comfortable at all) however I have been unable to find an automatic instructor in Nottingham with good reviews. I'd like to pass my test before my theory test runs out!

7. Go to more concerts.

I used to go to concerts a lot in my teenage years and I really miss it. I went to the Download Festival again last year and it made me remember how much I enjoy it!

8. Exercise more.

My fitness has really dropped recently. I used to go the gym once a week but I stopped a few months ago. I'd at least like to begin swimming again once a week as I find it really relaxing.

9. Plan ahead.

I would like to spend some time looking ahead to the future. I still live with my parents, but I'm currently putting money away so that I can afford to move out. I'd also like to get my PhD but it depends on my finances.

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas, and I hope you all have a lovely and safe New Year's Eve. As always, I'm spending my evening watching a film with Bree and Figgy. I don't drink, and the pets hate fireworks so the best option for me is to stay at home with them so they are comfortable. Cat/dog cuddles and a pizza is a perfect evening anyway!

What are your resolutions for 2017?


  1. Happy New Year, Claire! It is really great you are such a organized person and that you know what you want for yourself this year. I do hope your 2017 resolutions will come true (I am sure you can do it!).

    I wish you the happiest 2017!

  2. Happy new year, and congrats on being made permanent.

    Strangely, one of my resolutions is the reverse of yours - I want to re-read old books, namely the Brontes and Terry Pratchett!

    I've been finding that anxiety about life has been holding me back a lot, and I overthink everything I do, so this year mine (and my husband's) motto is 'Just Do It!'. Even if it goes wrong I know I have tried. Like you, I had a spell of illness and it really threw me off my feet. Lets hope 2017 is a year of good health.

  3. Happy New Year! I keep my fingers crossed for you that your 2017 resolutions will make your life better and happier!


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