Saturday, 10 December 2016

Winter Wonderland

How is Christmas only two weeks away? I've always loved December, but it always flies by. One of my favourites things to do in December is visiting markets, and I decided to book a day out in London to explore Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park with my sister and my cousin. I last went to Hyde Park in 2014 and I really enjoyed it, so I was looking forward to visiting again. I thought I'd share a few photos on here of my day.

The last time we visited we only had a couple of hours at Hyde Park so we decided to spend the whole day there this time. We also booked tickets to The Nutcracker on Ice, as I've always wanted to see The Nutcracker and I thought it would be nice to spend at least part of the day warm and inside! I was expecting it to be held in a basic tent, but it was surprisingly elaborate and beautiful. It was small but very comfortable. The show only lasted an hour so it was a rather condensed version, but it was still very festive and lovely.

After The Nutcracker we decided to wander around the market and visit the Ice Kingdom (which was my favourite part of Winter Wonderland last time). I didn't actually buy anything from the market except food because it is incredibly expensive, but I thoroughly enjoyed the Ice Kingdom. The sculptures were stunning, and the level of detail was incredibly impressive. I highly recommend visiting if you are nearby. The theme is arctic this year so it included ships, igloos, fires and polar bears.

It was such a lovely day. Christmas is my favourite time of the year and I think I need to make this an annual tradition. We visited during the week so it wasn't too busy, and the market had a wonderful atmosphere. I'm very much looking forward to celebrating Christmas now!

Have you visited any Christmas markets this year?


  1. What amazing ice sculptures! Wow! I will have to go overseas for a winter Christmas one day!

  2. It's great to know your still blogging.

    Everything sounds like a wonderful time and very festive.

  3. Wow, the ice sculptures are really pretty! I never knew that London has them? Isn't it rather warm?


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